Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support Independent Horror!

So there's this new independent horror flick out there that I just heard about through a blogger friend of mine (who I will link to in just a second!) and haven't really been able to stop thinking about and just today another blogger friend of mine (who i'll also link to in a second!) posted the trailer for the film as well as an important message from the filmmaker that concerns all of us fans of independent horror.


The movie's called Thicker Than Water : The Vampire Diaries Part 1 and its a low budget indie flick written and directed and pretty much everything elsed by a dude by the name of Phil Messerer. It's been a real labor of love for him for the past several years and now he needs our help. He's calling his mission 'The Lion's Gate Experiment' and basically what he wants is for the popular genre distribution company Lion's Gate to distribute the film. How's he gonna go about such a task? That's where we all come in. He has uploaded the trailer for the film on YouTube and his goal is for the video to get 100,000 hits (2,854 so far), thus forcing Lion's Gate to take note. Films like Hatchet have proven before that us horror fans can rally together to bring independent horror to the forefront and I think we all need to show our support once more!

So here's the link to the trailer, which Messerer wants you to spread around to any and all horror fans you know : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntdjmCRY42s

And here's the trailer itself (yes, if you play it on here, it will count towards the hits!) :

Now have I seen the film? Sadly, I have not. But i've heard enough praise for it to know that Messerer has something special on his hands. The blog which I first heard about the movie from the other day is Mad Ravings Of An Entertainment Junkie which is run by a dude i've gotten to know a little bit lately (mostly through commenting on each others blogs) and I totally trust his opinions when it comes to horror and he had nothing but praise for the film, even going so far as to call it "the best independent film that I have ever had the pleasure of watching!". Check out his full review here and thanks to Fatally Yours for bringing Messerer's mission to my attention!

Check out the trailer, send the link to as many people as you can, and if you want to see the movie for yourself, you can grab yourself a copy for only 10 bucks right here! ALSO! For those with a horror blog, repost this on there!

For more information on Vampire Diaries, head over to the official website.

SUPPORT ORIGINAL INDY HORROR! Unless of course you're content with nothing but non stop remakes of brilliant Japanese flicks littering the cinemas and countless sequels to films like Boogeyman stinking up video shelves ....


thebonebreaker said...


Thanks for the mention [and for the trust!] I feel the same way regarding your recommendations/reviews :-)

I just read your post on Benevolent St. - I was not aware the film was available on DVD-R [I had to update my Blog]

Thanks for sharing!

The film is well worth the $10 bucks - especially since it is not yet dstributed!

Johnny said...

Thanks for bringing the film to my attention! The coolest thing about these horror blogs to me is being able to introduce each other to awesome movies (and keep each other away from shitty ones!).

I definetly plan on picking up a copy of Vamp Diaries!