Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone Going To Monster Mania This Weekend?

Monster Mania is an awesome horror convention that is now (I believe) held three times a year in New Jersey (although it's moving to Connecticut this June). I try to make it out there each and every time being that it's the most fun horror convention i've stumbled across to date and wouldn't ya know it, another one's right around the corner. Just wanted to see if anyone by any chance that peruses this blog will be in attendance this weekend. I'll be there all weekend and it would be cool to meet up with or say hi to any of you! So if you're gonna be there, leave a comment and let me know.

Although that prick Tobe Hooper just cancelled (which he apparently does quite often) the guest list has shaped up decently and includes the likes of Lance Henriksen (who took Hooper's place and who is an awesome dude), Walter Phelan (Dr. Satan!!!), and even Alice Cooper! There's also gonna be Phantasm and Friday The 13th reunions, the latter of which is chock full with stars from the original franchise flicks as well as the remake. Definetly looking forward to meeting Derek Mears and of course Alice Cooper as well as Betsy Palmer (who i've somehow never met...probably out of fear), Stu Charno (the awesomely dorky Ted from Part 2 who survived Jason's wrath only because he decided to stay at the bar and drink all night!), America Olivio (if Jen lets me!), Doc Satan, and Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep!!!!). I'd love to meet all the Friday alumns and have them sign the Crystal Lake Memories book, but that would require far too much money that I don't think i'm willing to spend nor do I think I even have. Check out the above link for the full guest list. It's not all that impressive, with a lot of jabronis, but conventions were never really about the guests for me. There's so much more going on that even if there's no one there I want to meet, it's still a hell of a fun time. In fact, i've gone to a few where I didn't even meet anyone!

Definetly looking forward to this weekend as Monster Mania is usually the highlight of fun for my year and i'll of course have a full recap along with pictures and perhaps even video once I return and recover from my impending hangover. In the meantime, feel free to take a step into the time machine and check out my coverage of last year's Monster Mania HERE.


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thebonebreaker said...

Have fun Bro!

I'll be looking forward to your coverage of the event!