Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Apology To Quarantine Is In Order ....

I can admit when i'm wrong. And i'll admit, I was wrong.


Quarantine may even be better than REC. If not better, it is definetly just as good.

By the way, if you'd like, read my thoughts on REC before continuing.

I avoided the film during its theatrical run and even urged you to boycott it. I was such a huge fan of REC (the 2007 Spanish film which this one is a remake of) that I couldn't help but be incredibly angry by the fact that a remake was already coming out when the original hadn't even made its way to the states yet. In fact, REC is still not available on DVD in the United States and the remake just came out on DVD a few weeks ago! That's some fucked up shit! But I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to those behind Quarantine for judging the movie before it even came out, something no one should ever do. I just felt that, even if Quarantine was as good as REC, it would still be totally pointless and not an accomplishment in the least because it's essentially a direct copy of an awesome movie. I felt like they simply wanted to steal the genius idea behind REC and make shitloads of money off of it by pretending it's an original American film. And as I started to watch the movie, I still felt the same way. It seemed pointless. It seemed like a direct scene for scene copy of REC that was totally unnecessary. I wondered why I wasn't just watching REC instead! It felt like REC in English and nothing more. But then I decided to let go of all that and watch Quarantine as if REC never existed. I decided to give it a fair shake and watch and then review it as I would any other horror movie out there. And with that being said .....

Quarantine is a fucking awesome, intense, and terrifying horror movie. They managed to up all of the things that made REC so great ; the scares, the terror, the gore, the brutality. And even with known actors like Jennifer Carpenter and Jay Hernandez, it still felt like I was watching real footage unfold! Is it essentially the same movie as REC and the same experience? Ya, it pretty much is. It's not a shot for shot scene by scene remake, but it's pretty close. But so what! The movie is fucking awesome and that's really all that matters. The filmmakers did an incredible job of not only capturing the fear and greatness of REC but like I said, even upping it a bit. Congrats guys and again, I apologize for shitting on your movie before seeing it.

So my advice, if you've seen REC, is to watch it as if there is no REC. Watch it as you would any other horror movie. It's only fair. And if you haven't seen REC, try to see it first. Even though I loved this movie, I still would have to recommend you check out REC over it, being that it's the original. But as standalone movies, they both kick equal amounts of ass.

Does this mean I support remakes of foreign movies that just came out a year before? Not at all. It's not something I like to see, but from now on i'm not automatically gonna judge and hate a movie just because of it. If the movie is done properly like this and as good if not a little better than the original, I can't really complain. At the end of the day, a good movie is a good movie no matter what. If anything, a remake of a recent foreign flick helps American audiences see an awesome movie that they would otherwise probably never see. Not to mention, it increases the exposure of the original, at least in most cases. Where the hell is the REC DVD though?! I want it!

Now I turn the floor over to you. Leave comments with thoughts if you've seen either REC or Quarantine.


Bar said...

Interesting stuff, man.

I live in Australia, and we haven't even gotten a sniff of [REC] over here, and it's not near the top of my import list, so I've never seen it.

On the other hand, Quarantine was released theatrically here, so I went with my girlfriend who is also a horror fan.

And we both thought it sucked ass! Like, really a waste of time.

So I just naturally assumed it was a shitty remake and that I still needed to see the original at some point. Since then, the original has been somewhere on my to-watch list.

Now you've gone and confused me. Quarantine is better than [REC]? Then I must admit total confusion as to why so many people think [REC] is awesome....I just assumed the original must have more gore, more scares...more something.

And you tell me the opposite. Interesting stuff, not what I expected you to say at all!

Johnny said...

If you thought Quarantine sucked and the reason you thought it sucked was not merely because it's a remake (like most did), then I really can't see how you would enjoy REC too much. Like I said in the review, even if Quarantine is not better than REC, it's at least just as good. But once you get around to seeing it, definetly let me know your thoughts on it as i'm very interested to hear what you'll think.

Bjornabo said...

A few months ago my buddy rentet REC at our local videostore. But the main problem was that by the time we started to watch the movie the clock was about 3 in th emiddle of the night. I think we watched about 35 minuttes of it and then we turned it of. I see now that we might have made a mistake by doing that.

The first 35 minuttes was just this reporter interviewing the firemen and running around. BUT now i am ging to give this movie another try.

Quarantine has just been released on DVD in Norway, so I might pick that up on DVD in the not so distant future.

I bought one of the best movies of 2007 today. P2, don`t know if you have seen it, but if you haven`t you should..

I was trying to search through your blog to see if you had made a review of it or something, but I could not find a "search-bar" anywhere.

Matthew Flute said...

Sold. I planned on skipping this as I really liked [REC], but I'll probably check it out now.

Can't say I'll do the same for the Let The Right One In remake though.

dragonmanes said...

Im glad someone came out and apologized, because Quarantine really is Rec's equal if not better. I think many people fail to recognize that the film is attempting to maintain its integrity in creating a hyper-realism on film, and that it is about the psychological terror of being marginalized by society due to the threat of outbreak (with the addition of bloodthirsty rabies victims, of course!). Im a huge proponent of both films, glad you took the time to retract the previous statement!

Johnny said...

Bjornabo - There's a search bar right up there on the top in blue. I've talked about P2 a couple of times on here, but never did a full on review. Here are the two posts where I briefly talked about it :


I liked the movie but didn't think it was all that special. Some cool scenes though.

Matthew - I too am very unhappy about the Let The Right One In remake, but Quarantine is making me hold off my judgments on that movie until I see it. Who knows, maybe it'll be as good as the original. I can't see it possibly being any better though.

Dragon - I'm glad I took the time to watch Quarantine rather then totally writing it off as I originally did! If there's one thing i've learned about movies it's that you just gotta watch each and every one before you can form your opinion on it. Can't ever listen to anyone else or judge a book by its cover.

Zach said...

I agree with your assessment. I am still on the fence as to whether I like [rec] or Quarantine more, but I think [rec] might still have the edge for the last few minutes of the movie. However, I liked that Quarantine felt more polished than [rec] did, even that was part of the charm of the movie. I'm still deciding which I liked more, but for now, I just like them both!

Bjornabo said...

Can`t believe how I missed that search-bar! Thanks

BTW. REC & Quarantine has just been ordered :-) Just 19 Dollars and free delivery. Not bad.

Johnny said...

Zach - You're right. The last few minutes of REC were a lot better and scarier than in Quarantine. But i'm thinking maybe that's just because we already saw it in REC so it wasn't as shocking? When I saw the end of REC I was genuinely shocked and terrified because I had no idea what to expect. I think I would've felt the same way if I had watched Quarantine first. I do think the creature in REC was a bit scarier though. Either way, i'm glad so many people seem to agree with me on Quarantine. I was expecting a lot of backlash for saying it was as good if not better than REC!

Bjornabo - Nice! Glad to see you adding both of them to your collection. I think you'll be quite pleased with both. I know the beginning of REC is a bit slow but it picks up at just about the point where you left off! And when it picks up, it gets reaaaall good.

thebonebreaker said...

Interesting - while I enjoyed Quarantine, I have been expecting [REC] to be far superior - Glad to hear that Quarantine is a worthy re-make, rather than just a lesser version. [I felt the same way about The Ring re-make!]

I am still looking forward to [REC] coming out on DVD though! :-)

Johnny said...

I actually like The Ring remake a lot better than the original! How bout them apples!

Gwen said...

I'm Dutch and [REC] has been released here (it really makes me wonder why it hasn't been released in certain other countries). I think the hype killed it for me. I liked it, but I didn't think it was all that different from other infection movies. And as it uses the found footage angle, it wasn't really a surprise how the movie would play out.

I did like that the authorities quarantined the building and that the people inside couldn't count on them for help.

My best friend saw Quarantine but not [REC]. She hated it. I'm waiting for it to hit DVD here.

Deepak said...

I dunno. I thought the chick who played Angela Vidal in [REC] (don't know the actress's name) was just cute as a button, which made me more emotionally invested in the movie.

Didn't feel quite the same way about "Dexter's sister Deborah" in Quarantine (again, don't know the actress's name). Shallow justification? Maybe, but it is what it is. But as remakes go, Quarantine wasn't half bad.

The only horror remake I liked significantly more than the original was the Ring remake. Head and shoulders above, that one. Almost a reconceptualisation.