Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Awesome Ebay Finds!

Ebay is pretty much the greatest place in the world. I think that much goes without saying. There are things you can find on Ebay, no matter your interests, that you really cannot find anywhere else in the world. Being that i'm a frequent browser of the site, always on the hunt for cool shit I can look at but not touch due to my limited funds, I thought it'd be kinda fun to start showcasing some of my awesome horror finds with you guys. Who knows, maybe you'll even be able to afford some of these things that I cannot! With cool shit being posted around the world pretty much every single day, I think this could be a fun little recurring feature on here. So now that that pesky intro is over with, let's take a look at an awesome item that I found today while cruising the vast and magical world of Ebay!

"Lucio Fulci The Beyond girl head prop"



Starting/Current Bid - $200.00

Ends - March 29th

Bump In The Night is one of the premiere horror mask/prop/costume companys in the world (click that link and check out their shit...their Bigfoot costume was recently used in a worldwide hoax and it actually convinced many that it was the real Sassie!) and this is a bust taken straight from their mold that has long been out of print, which makes this item incredibly rare and valuable. It is also signed by the amazing artist who has sculpted every BITN mask, Chuck Jarman.

It's time like these I wish I had done something more with my life in the past couple years and had a nice little stash of cash that I could tap into. This is one of the most iconic and awesome scenes in all of horror history (to me, at least) and I never even knew that this prop ever existed at any point in time. Hopefully there's a Fulci nut out there with more money than I who can give this adorable creation a nice (smoke free) home!

I leave you with the amazing scene from The Beyond in which this bust is depicting .....

The brutal massacre of a red headed step-child!


Nik Holmes said...

Ha, awesome find and yet another chance to see that fantastic head/bullet interface!

'Take the top of the head right off, yeahhh...'

That sounds like a cool commentary, who is that speaking?

Johnny said...

I'll take any chance to show that clip that I can!

That would be David Warbeck, the guy who played Dr. John McCabe. I actually haven't even listened to the entire commentary track yet. It's got him and Catriona MacColl on it.

Wings said...

Wouldn't THAT be a hit on Halloween night.

thebonebreaker said...