Monday, March 9, 2009

Couple Things Before Bed .....

- I've added a new feature to both this blog and Win Free Horror Shit, wherein you can sign up to receive e-mail updates whenever I make a new post / add a new contest. To do that, head over to the sidebar on your right and scroll down all the way past the "about me" section. Now you'll never miss a single little pointless update! Isn't that grand?

- Anyone seen the flick Babysitter Wanted? It hasn't come to the United States on DVD yet, but I know it's out on Region 2. I just watched it the other night and it's pretty kickass. Half old school horror scare-fest / half gore-fest, and with Bill Moseley to boot! It's essentially about a new college chick in town who takes up a babysitting job posted on her school's bulletin board and undergoes a serious night from hell. To say any more would be giving plot twists and turns away, so I will not say any more. I will simply say check it out, because it's one of the better horror films to come down the pipeline in the last couple years. It's definetly got its flaws, but it's a pretty solid flick with a pretty awesome twist. Seek it out whichever way you can!

- With the Last House on the Left remake hitting theatres this Friday, I wanted to repost my script review from many months back for those who might have missed it. There's obviously spoilers contained in there but it's really nothing that hasn't already been spoiled about the movie in magazines and tv spots lately. I guess they figure we all know what's gonna happen, so why bother even keeping any of it a secret? You can read my review of the script HERE. I wasn't all that impressed with the script but something tells me i'm gonna like the movie itself a lot more. At least I hope so, being that i'm a huge fan of the original. I'm gonna be at a horror convention all this weekend (more on that tommorow) so i'm not gonna get the chance to see the movie until Sunday at the earliest, but I will of course post my thoughts when I get around to it. By the way, did anyone pick up that new Last House DVD yet? I think i've mentioned that I accidently snapped my copy of the original release in half (how, i'm not entirely sure), so I need to get my hands on that one pronto.

- Any fellow Mist fans out there? I just watched the flick in black and white for the first time (which you can do on disc 2 of the 2 disc set), and I think I enjoyed it even more than the color version. As Darabont himself states in the intro, they're two totally different movie experiences. And in fact the best way I can sum up The Mist is to call it an experience. Am I the only one that feels like i'm a part of the movie whenever I watch it? Something about the way it was filmed and pulled off makes you almost feel like you're in the grocery store yourself fending off the mist creatures. And the ending? Forget about it. Such an awesome movie that I can't help but feel is a bit underappreciated. Watch the black and white version if you haven't yet. If nothing else, it helps make some of the obvious CGI look not so bad as it did in color.

- I'm getting both Quarantine and Let The Right One In on Blu-ray from Netflix tommorow, and i'm definetly looking forward to that. I've made my thoughts known on LTROI several times now, but I plan on writing up a little review of the disc itself tommorow. Quarantine I have yet to see being that I avoided it like the plague during its theatrical run due to my anger over the fact that the awesome REC was already being remade, but i'm actually kinda looking forward to checking it out now. I've heard some good things and i'll post my thoughts on that one soon too. This has gotta be the first remake to hit DVD in the states before the original! Crazy times we live in.

I guess that's all I wanted to say. Goodnight, sirs .....


Nik Holmes said...

Hey, I just finally got around to watching the mist and lurched straight into the B & W version. Being a big fan of Shawshank, Green Mile and The Shield I wanted to check out Darabonts original vision and so glad I did.

It looked Stunning, and really helped to ground you in that world making the creature effects so much more. The first attack in particular I'm sure would have lloked somewhat hokier cgi wise in colour.

The ending, yes really wasn't my cup of tea. In a story of hope and faith in mankind and it's abilities to overcome, it seemed to run contrary to all that had gone before from a storytellers perspective. The ambiguous ending of the book, as with the ending of The Cell, rang better. It allowed the audience to bring with them what they had learnt so far. Pah, but what's done is done, at least it was the original ending from the beginning and the fact the studio left well alone itself means something more. It now joins those other two classics of cinema, Casablanca and They Live, as great movies which are so high in calibre the end cannot detract from that.

Bjornabo said...

Babysitter Wanted was great. I loved both the original When A Stranger calls and the remake, and I thought this whould be a similar movie. The first half of the movie was (almost) just like watching a low-budget version of WASC, but then one of the biggest plot twists I have seen in some time changed the movie completely. Mr Bill Moseley was (as you said) great in this movie.

I had actually never seen the original Last House On The Left (since i`m not a big Rape-revenge fan), but a couple month ago my local DVD-store had a $1-sale (or "ti kroners" sale in Norwegian)so now a both have it on DVD and I have seen it.. Twice. It was a lot better than i expected and I actually has recomende it to alot of my friends.

So i`m looking forward to the remake and I think it will be great seeing Sara Paxton in something else than comedys and dramas.

The Mist in Black & White? That sounds awesome.. Perhaps I have to order myself a R1 copy from Amazon or somewhere.
My R2 disc only contains the following:

- Commentary by Frank Darabont
- Conversation With Stephen King
- Deleted Scenes
- Drew Struzan: Appreciation Of An Artist
- Behind The Scenes Webisodes
- Trailer Gallery

But the main reason I bought this version was that I got a free copy of The Mist book.

Cins said...

I'm VERY interested in reading your thoughts on Quarantine. I'm really skeptical about it since I absolutely LOVE [rec]. I heard its practically a shot for shot remake which I suppose I understand. But isn't that just like reheating a really good dinner you had the night before and realizing the steak is kinda tough?

Zach said...

Huge fan of The Mist and I will now have to watch it in black and white. Glad to know someone else likes it out there!

Johnny said...

Nik - Ya, the first tentacle attack looked pretty bad in color and didn't bother me at all in b & w. Aside from that scene, most of the CGI in the film was pretty good though. As for the ending, I personally loved it and thought it was a hell of a ballsy thing for Darabont to do and i'm kinda surprised it even made it into theatres with that ending in tact. It's always nice to see a movie that has a truly shocking ending, rather than a predictable run of the mill one. And i'm all for the lack of happy ending in any movie, I must admit!

Bjornabo - I totally was expecting another When a Stranger Calls type flick with Babysitter Wanted and was so happy that it went in a completely different direction. I think that's one of the reasons I liked it so much. It really blew away my expectations and did not follow the standard formula I was sure it was going to follow.

The Mist 2 disc over here at Best Buy also came with the book which was pretty awesome. I ended up selling the book for $15 on ebay, so the whole set was pretty much free for me! I was kinda torn at the time as to whether or not I should just get the 1 disc or the 2 and i'm definetly glad now that I chose the latter. The only reason I really threw down the extra cash was so that I could have the b & w version.

Cins - Just got it today in the mail and i'll probably be watching it tonight. Although I didn't get LTROI as I was supposed to! Fuckers! But ya, my feelings on Quarantine are pretty much the same as yours. REC was awesome and even if Quarantine is essentially the same movie, I still probably won't like it because what kind of accomplishment is taking a good foreign movie and remaking it shot for shot a year later? That's why I boycotted it during its theatrical run. But i'm interested in checking out the differences between it and REC, if nothing else.

Nik Holmes said...

Yeah, a straight out happy ending would have been a cop out I agree which is why a good part of me is pleased that Darabont stuck to his guns from the get go, but something more ambiguous would have been cool. *SPOILERS* As the 'decision' is made the camera pulls away from the car, tracks back through the mist and we end wondering. With all we know of these characters, what would they do? *SPOILERS*

Hey Bjornabo, I don't know if you are UK based but my 2 disc Mist was R2 from HMV as a Valentines gift, so no doubt you can track down a copy online

Johnny said...

No doubt that that also would have been a cool end. Essentially the same outcome, but I love the tragedy of the ending Darabont went with. It's just absolutely heart breaking and soooo sooooo powerful.