Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Adam Green!


Ever since I saw Hatchet a few years back, i've become highly fascinated and inspired by the man behind the camera, Adam Green. Just type his name in the search box on the top left of this screen and you'll see what I mean. Here's a dude who was clearly a horror fan in his youth and who had the courage to go out and make his own horror films. Long story short, he's the kinda dude who gives a guy like me some serious hope. Thanks to this blog i've had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Green (read the interview here), which only confirmed my beliefs that he may be the coolest and nicest man in Hollywood. With a couple new genre projects on the horizon (Grace, Frozen), I have no doubt that Adam Green will go down as one of the best young horror filmmakers of our generation. But don't typecast him, cause he's certaintly got enough talent to excell in non genre films as well and i'm sure we'll be seeing some of that in the near future. Ok, that's enough mouth servicing for now.

Now i'm not normally the type of blogger to make "Happy Birthday" posts, but I just checked out his latest short and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share not only it but also some other Green related goodies. I've talked in the past about the "Horror Meets Comedy" short films that a handful of horror directors made around Christmas time last year which were shown on X-Box 360 and, thanks to the fact that i'm a PS3 guy, I didn't get the chance to see any of them. The one I was looking forward to checking out most was Fairy Tale Police, which was made by who else, Adam Green. It's a COPS spoof centered around a police department that patrols the areas of fantasy and detains the likes of Santa Claus and The Big Bad Wolf. Sounds interesting enough, eh? Well thankfully for us non X-Box fans, some thief uploaded the whole short onto YouTube! It was free on The Box anyway, so I don't think any piracy charges will be brought against me for posting this.....

So without further adieu, check out Adam Green's Fairy Tale Police!

And if ya want more A.G, check out the website of his production company Ariescope Pictures to see all of his other awesome short films and even the shorts he and Joe Lynch made for FrightFest last year. That's some shit ya don't wanna miss. Also, if you haven't seen Hatchet yet, believe the hype and seek out the most entertaining and gory horror flick in years! What are ya waitin for!

So Happy Birthday, Adam Green, and keep on kickin ass and bringing us original horror. If you ever need a personal bitch to fetch your coffee and rub your feet for little to no cost, you know where to find him. If any of you are fans like myself, head on over to Green's MySpace and leave him a Happy Birthday comment and show your support!

I'm off to my first day on the job at Troma tommorow morning and if all goes well and I don't fall asleep as soon as I come home, i'll have a full recap of my day tommorow night!

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thebonebreaker said...

Arg! The video has been removed :-(

Oh well. . . I read your interview with Adam and left a comment on that post - still, great job!