Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet The Woman Who Can Kick Your Ass!


Yes, that's Zoe Bell. Yes, that's a knife sticking out of her head. And yes, she can and will kick your ass. If you haven't yet seen the web series Angel of Death yet, and I bet you haven't, you must do yourself a favor and check it out. How good can an internet series be, you ask? Pretty damn good when it's got Zoe Bell (the as vicious as she is cute stunt chick from Death Proof) kicking some serious ass with a pretty substantial size knife embedded in her dome!

Angel of Death is a 10 episode web series that ran on the website Crackle from March 2nd - March 13th of this year, one 7-10 minute episode per day. Here's the synopsis .....

The show is about a badass female assassin, Eve (Bell), who is employed by a ruthless crime family. After suffering a severe head trauma (cue knife) while on the job, she begins to hallucinate and becomes haunted by her victims. As a result of her injury, Eve is driven to seek revenge on those who ordered the hits in the first place - her mob employers.

It's violent, it's bloody, it's sexy, it's damn fun, and I can't understand why there's so little talk about it out there on the web. If it weren't for me stumbling upon a recent interview with Bell that was conducted over at AVClub.com, I don't know when I even would have heard about this series. And i'm hoping that my mentioning it on here will bring at least one more fan on board.

So go ahead! Watch Angel of Death NOW! And be on the lookout for some familiar faces throughout. Ted Raimi, anyone?

Watch the first 10 minute episode and if you like it, continue watching. You've got nothing to lose! Give it a shot and leave a comment on here with what you thought. And if ya end up liking it as much as I did, post about it wherever you can and help spread the word. It's things like these that are totally reliant on word of mouth. So open your mouth!

Thank you, Quentin Tarantino, for giving Zoe Bell the chance to shine as a kickass action star. Let's face it, there's simply nothing better than a sexy chick kicking male ass, is there? I thought not!

The whole series will be released on DVD with additional footage sometime this Summer, so be on the lookout for that. Also be on the lookout for a second season of the series which hasn't been announced yet but looks to be on the horizon. Hope hope!


Bjornabo said...

Lokks like Crackle.com don`t like foreign visitors too much. Your link sends me to the frontpage and when I search up the video and try to start it the same thing happens. Too Bad.

I guess I have to search for it elsewhere then.

Johnny said...

Well that's not fair! If I find somewhere else where it can be watched, i'll let ya know.