Monday, March 2, 2009

The Movies I Watched In February

Last month, I started chronicling each and every movie I watch every month and then posting that list along with brief one or two sentence reviews at the end of that month. So, with another month down the hatch, here are all of the movies, horror and non horror, that I watched in February.

The Breed - Can you say guilty pleasure? I don't know why I was entertained by this fairly bad movie, but I was!

Clerks - The only thing better than Clerks is...

Clerks 2 - Far superior film, if ya ask me.

Cold Prey - One of the best horror flicks i've seen this year.

Elizabethtown - Are men allowed to have comfort movies? Pretty sure this is one of mine.

Friday The 13th (remake) - Somewhere in between bad and good. Good enough to satisfy me, however.

Friday The 13th Part 6 : Jason Lives - Forgot how much I liked this one.

Friday The 13th Part 7 : The New Blood - The only thing I care for less than The New Blood is...

Friday The 13th Part 8 : Jason Takes Manhattan - Just doesn't do it for me.

The Good Girl
- The only Jen Aniston movie I like.

His Name Was Jason - I've heard it all before. I think the well has officially run dry on Friday documentaries.

Madman - Classic slasher fare.

Meet The Robinsons - Did a cartoon movie really make me cry?

The Midnight Meat Train (twice) - BAD ASS.

Midnight Movie
- BAD.

Night Of The Living Dead 3D - REALLY BAD. From Devil's Rejects to this, huh Sid Haig?

Once Upon a Time In Mexico - Is there a director out there who provides more fun and pure entertainment than Robert Rodriguez?

The People Under The Stairs - One of my favorite Wes Craven flicks.

Premutos : Lord Of The Living Dead
- I love mindless gore as much as the next guy, but this one just plain sucked. And the gore wasn't even well done.

Private Parts - Make another movie, Howard!

See No Evil
- Terrible movie, awesome ending.

Spider Baby
- Classic. One of my favorite fucked up families in all of cinema!

Splinter - Pretty damn good, especially for a movie that premiered on Sci Fi.

Superbad - One of the funniest movies in the last decade.

Taken - Hostel Part 3 : A Father's Revenge. Liam Neeson kicks ass and so does this movie.

Them - Better than The Strangers.

The Toolbox Murders - Fun throwback to old school slasher flicks.

Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story - A little less funny the second time around, but still hilarious.

The Weatherman - The last good movie Nicolas Cage made. I don't like the direction his career has been going lately, but when Cage is good, he's real fuckin good.

Zack And Miri Make a Porno
- Kevin Smith's still got it. A little hacky and unfunny at times, but ultimately rewarding and a good addition to his filmography.

So what's the best movie I saw this month?


I'd already seen it several times before in the past couple years, but watching it with Jen this past weekend was by far and away my favorite experience with it to date. Bloom's voice over narration isn't always the best, but Cameron Crowe delivers one of the best feel good "dramadeys" to come out in a long long time. There's a man that really knows how to blend music and video into a beautiful piece of art.

If ya wanna get an idea of just how varied my movie tastes are, my second runner up for the month is The Midnight Meat Train. Who says a man can't, in the same day, enjoy watching Vinnie Jones smash peoples eyes out with a meat tenderizer and then hop on the couch with his lady friend and swoon over Orlando Bloom?!


Wings said...

Friday The 13th (remake) - I like it, too. I am thinking of seeing it one more time before it is out of theaters.

Friday The 13th Part 6 : Jason Lives - I think this is my 2nd favorite Jason film.

Friday The 13th Part 7 : The New Blood - I like that they tried something different. Wish it had been better, though.

Friday The 13th Part 8 : Jason Takes Manhattan - Ugh... this is a tough one.

His Name Was Jason - Well, maybe I hadn't heard it all before, as I enjoyed this.

The Midnight Meat Train (twice) - Can't wait to see this one, have heard good things from two blogs now.

The People Under The Stairs - Been thinking of watching this again, as Netflix has it to view Instantly.

See No Evil - Terrible movie, awesome ending. Agreed.

Spider Baby - The more I see this movie, the more I love it. So wacky! Definitely a movie that you either love or hate.

Splinter - I went in expecting not much, and came out liking it. Good movie, wish SciFi had more of these and less MegaCrocoSnakeSquatch flicks.

Love your blog man!

Johnny said...

Glad you like the blog! Certaintly sounds like you have good taste in movies!

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate His Name Was Jason. I've just heard most of those stories and facts so many times before that i'm kinda getting sick of hearing them. But it was a nice refresher course before going to see the remake, i'll give it that.

Cins said...

On the horror front:
Woo! Its nice to see someone give People Under the Stairs some love. I love that film! Its so bizarre.

The only thing good about Friday the 13th Part 8 is the subtitle. Jason Takes Manhattan is a great sucks though.

Stac is a BIG fan of Spider Baby. Hopefully she'll write about it sometime.

On the non Horror Front:
LOVE Clerks. Still need to see Clerks 2. Most of my friends agree with you that it is superior.

Meet the Robinsons is far better than I thought. Clever and very touching. I'm trying to get the hubby to watch it. Its his style.

Superbad! FANTASTIC! It only falls 2nd to Pinapple Express but man is that one of the best comedies ever!

I'll add Elizabethtown to my Netflix. You're another one who's told me its great. I'll have to give it a try now.

And thank you for the birthday wishes, Johnny!

John said...

I think I promised you an update when I had seen Cold Prey 2. And now I have. My local store made a mistake and put the DVD out a week before it`s release-date. I did not complain.

Cold Prey 2 is not by far as good as the first one. First of 90% of the movie is set in a hospital (and it kind of reminded me of Halloween 2 in some scenens) and the whole "scenario" from the first movie is gone. In my opinion the thing that made the first movie that good was the whole mountain/hotell thing. Now the whole movie is set in 4 rooms and a corridore in a hospital, and I think that setting has been used to many times before in horror movies.

The acting in the first movie was not a "masterpiece" but the actors in this one does not do a good job. In some scenens you can almost hear that the lines are writen in forhand, and that`s not good. You also get a REALLY anoying little kid who have a pretty big role in this movie. I hate when they put kids who can`t act in movies, and this kid was not a good actor.

Another disapointing thing is that there are very few:
a) Gore
b) Scare scenes

It might have something to do with the new director or perhaps they wanted this movie to be seen by a wider audience, I don`t know. But with more scare scenens and gore this could have been quite good (or at least better).

But on the bright side the sound effects was great and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal did a good job in this movie. We also get a bit more information about the "mountain man" which was a nice touch.

But I`m sorry to say that this movie all in all was a bit dissapointing.

Bjornabo said...

I see now that i posted with my friends Blogg-name "John" instead of my own (since he used my computer yesterday). Just thought I`d send you this to clarify :-)

Jason Takes Portland said...

The first time I saw clerks when I was 15 was like a revelation, and the sequel was great as well.

I just saw the new Friday the 13th and I liked it, especially compared to the flaming turd that the Texas Chainsaw remake was. I thought it was funny that the asshole blond guy "Trent" was the same character as he was in Transformers, also a Michael Bay movie. It was nice to see him dispatched of.

Zach said...

I just re-watched The Midnight Meat Train (I bought it on Blu-Ray, which it looks gore-geous on, hehe) and was again impressed. I just can't decide if I like the movie or REALLY like the movie. I sway back and forth.

wiec? said...

this is a really great idea. so many movies i've seen in the last month were okay or eeh. a one or two sentence review is all they need.

wiec? said...

also you hit the nail on the head on:

NOTHLD 3D - just about the worst movie ever.

Walk Hard - a lot of people slept on this one. i loved it. even after the 3rd viewing.

Spider Baby - saw that ages ago. Haig was in that one right?

and i've forgotten all about Midnight Meat Train. thanks for the reminder.

Gwen said...

I regularly read your blog, but I don't think I've ever commented before. But I have to now, because Elizabethtown is my favorite movie. I like that you call it a comfort movie. That's what it is to me as well. And, I'm not a fan of Bloom's voice over either. There's something off about it, but I can't put my finger on it.

Midnight Meat Train was great. Lionsgate angers me.

Haven't seen The People Under the Stairs since I was a kid, but I have fond memories of it. I can't believe they want to remake this too.

Soiled Sinema said...

This write up made me laugh. Really hard.


Johnny said...

My apologies for not responding to any of these comments sooner. I've been in Connecticut for the past couple days....

Bjornabo - Thanks for letting me know about Cold Prey 2. I've been awaiting your verdict! I kinda figured it'd be a dissapointment, at least in comparison to the first. Still looking forward to seeing it though and i'm definetly interested in some more backstory on the killer. But not so much gore, eh? That's never a good thing.

Jason - The TCM remake a flaming turd?! How could you?! I loved that movie and felt it was faaaar superior to the Friday remake.

Zach - Is it just me or was the Blu-ray very grainy looking?

wiec - Yes, a very young Sid Haig is in Spider Baby. It's worth seeing for him alone!

Gwen - Thanks for the comment! Hope to hear more from ya in the future as you sound like another reader with very good taste!

Jason Takes Portland said...

I feel like I should defend my stance as to why the Friday the 13th (F13) remake is far superior to Texas Chainsaw remake:

Without getting too deep, the original Texas Chainsaw is a master piece and can not be beat while none of the orignal F13 are great movies, they might be solid horror flicks, but the only great thing about those is seeing Jason do some hacking.

The Texas Chainsaw remake could not improve or imulate anything in the original. And having the Lee Emery character doing his Full Metal Jacket routine was almost laughable taking away from what should have been Leather Face's show. While the F13 remake rolled parts of the first 4 movies into one and kept the focus on a bad ass Jason. My hope is that they make the next one a full on Zombie Jason.

Johnny said...

Fair enough. But I totally disagree. TCM was done the way every remake should be done, in my opinion. Take the basic concept of the original, and go a totally different direction with it. I thought it was incredibly well done and a fittingly brutal and scary update to the masterpiece that was the original.

Brad said...

My favorite comfort movie is Chocolat. A french film about chocolate, good music, and love. Come on I'm not the only one!

Johnny said...

I liked Chocolat too! Perhaps not as much as you, but I enjoyed it.

Bjornabo said...

Thanks for the response Johnny.

I thought I could post my opinions on some of the movies you`ve watched in February.

The Breed - Could not agree with you more... Not the best movie in the world, but entertaning.. And an extra credit for a "not-so-bad-looking" Michelle Rodriguez in one of her best roles so far. :-)

Clerks 1 & 2: Not my type of movies at all. Not a big fan of Kevin Smith.

Elizabethtown: IMO theres only two things thats good about this movie. A highly underated actor named Bruce McGill and the one and only Jessica Biel.

Friday The 13th Part 6 - One of the best movies in the series, even though I think they kind of "destroyed" the Tommy Jarvis character in this movie.

Friday The 13th Part 7 - Quite enjoyable movie up to the unmasking-part, from ther on is SUCKS!!

Friday The 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan: Or as I call it "Jason goes on a cruise". Stupid idea, bad acting and stupip ending (the sewer scene)

The Good Girl - Have not seen this, but have to comment your post. Is this the only good Aniston movie you`ve seen?? What about Leprechaun??? Leprechaun is GREAT :-)

His Name Was Jason - I saw this after my 11 movie Jason marathon. I thought it was interresting and I learned a thing or two from it.

Madman.- Have not seen this one, is going to check it out.

Meet The Robinsons - A great little movie, Bowler Hat Guy has to be one of the great villians in the history of Walt Disney.

Midnight Meat Train - Has not been released in Norway yet, will get it when it comes out. Clive Barker is a great writer and even though the movies that is based on his books often sucks, I will give this a chance since you recommend it.

Night Of The Living Dead 3D - Even though I really like Sid Haig I think I`ll skip this one.. Usually when a movie is labeled "3D" that means "bad movie" as I see it.

Once Upon a Time In Mexico - Could not agree more with you.

The People Under The Stairs - One of the few Craven movies I haven`t seen. Will check it out.

Private Parts - Howard Is King!!

See No Evil - I actually thought this movie was quite good. Kane is not the best actor in the world, but it was entertaining. Awesome ending as you already have mentioned

Superbad - Not my kind of humor, but 100 times better than Knocked Up that i HATED.

The Toolbox Murders - 1978 or 2003? I have only seen 2003, and that was just because I heard Sheri Moon Zombie was in it. But the movie was actually pretty good.

The Weatherman - Did not like this one at all. Cage have not done a really good movie since Con Air IMO (Gone in Sixty Seconds, National Treasure 1 & 2 and Next was OK, but not Great.)
But on the other hand he made The Weather Man who is the worst Remake EVER.

Johnny said...

Leprechaun does indeed rock, totally slipped my mind that Aniston was in it! I take that comment back!

The Toolbox Murders I watched was the remake, i've yet to see the original. I'll watch anything Angela Bettis is in and I quite enjoyed it. Not the best movie, but it's fun.