Monday, March 23, 2009

Three New Fright Rags Designs!

I've been waiting to talk about these new shirts for a couple weeks now and they've finally just crash landed on the Fright Rags site (greatest horror shit company in the history of horror shirts, companys, and history). I don't know if they were first unveiled at Monster Mania a couple weeks back or what but they were the first i'd seen of them and they hadn't yet even been posted on the site, so i'm assuming I was one of the first to catch a glimpse of them. And now, I share them with you!

Introducing .....



This shirt is fucking awesome looking and I almost bought it at the convention despite the fact that i've never even seen the movie and in fact had to ask the lovely lady working at the table what movie it was even from! I'll have to check the movie out and then I can buy the shirt, probably whether I like the movie itself or not!



Again, never seen this one and wasn't sure what movie was being depicted when I saw it at the convention. I know, i'm a shitty horror fan. And again, awesome shirt regardless.



Now this is what i'm talkin about! And I thought my previous boring old Exorcist shirt was cool! I immediately bought this one as soon as I saw it (you can see me sporting it in every single one of my Monster Mania pictures and Jen endured the stench of me sporting it for a straight week sans washing) and it's probably my favorite Fright Rags design to date. One must only look at the design on this baby to come to the realization that Fright Rags is the be all end all for horror shirts. Why would you even put anything else on your body?!

They also had a Beetlejuice shirt available at Mania, but it's not on the site. Not sure why but once it does get posted, i'll be sure to let ya know!

Each of these shirts is a mere $16.95 a piece and if you sign up for their online newsletter, you will instantly receive 10% off your first order! I can't exactly do the math but that's like, less than $16.95 for one of these kickass shirts! What are you waiting for!

This message was not paid for by Fright Rags.


trixareforjen said...

such a precious stinky lil phuck ;]

Bjornabo said...

Frankenhooker is a great movie. You should definitely check it out. A great low budget sleazy and humoristic "horrormovie".

I think i might pick up the "Curse Of Frankenstein shirt" which I think looks awesome. Thanks for the tip.

Cins said...

I'm Stunned you haven't seen Frankenhooker! You'd love it. Its like a more sleazy and slower moving Zombie Strippers.

Johnny said...

Like I said, i'm a terrible horror fan! If it's anything like Zombie Strippers, I must see it right this instant though.