Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vampires Exist ..... That's Some Pretty F**ked Up Shit!!

I don't really have too much to say about the movie i'm about to say something about, but I hadn't heard of it until an hour and 20 minutes ago when I started watching it and being that it's gonna air on SciFi real soon, I thought i'd help spread the word ....


It's called Bitten, it's from 2008, it wasn't released in the United States, and it stars Jason Mewes and concerns vampires. Never heard of it either? Sounds pretty awesome though, eh?

Jason Mewes plays Jack, a night shift EMT who's girlfriend has just left him and who is beginning to realize that he may never find the right gal for him. But one night, on the way home from work, he finds a beaten up and bloodied girl lying amongst some trash in an alleyway and decides to take her home and clean her up. He soon notices bite marks on her neck and wouldn't ya know it, she's a vamper. While he initially helps her find warm bodies to suck, he begins to realize that maybe this aint the right gal for him afterall.

I was surprised that i'd never heard anything about this movie being that i'm a Mewes fan (at least as far as Kevin Smith's movies go) and of course being that i'm usually pretty up on the latest horror movies out there. I'm sure my lack of knowledge about Bitten has a lot to do with the fact that it hasn't been released in the United States yet and I can honestly say I can see why! It's a totally off the wall quirky little low budget horror/comedy that does provide some entertainment in its short 80 minute runtime, but i'm still completely unsure as to whether or not I liked it. Although I think I kinda did. I watched a making of featurette on YouTube about the movie and the director states that he was aiming for it to be a "70's style B-movie" with bad acting and bad editing and what not, but that seems more like a cop out than anything to me.

Mewes essentially plays Mewes ... if Mewes were an ambulance driver. His acting's not always the best, but a lot of the charm that the movie has comes from him and I really don't think I would've been as entertained by it as I was if it weren't for him. The rest of the small cast involved are all pretty impressive, which really helps add an air of seriousness to this wacky flick. The highlight for me is Richard Fitzpatrick as Mewes' elder EMT sidekick. And let's not forget the ultra sexy Erica Cox as Danika, the vampire Mewes falls for. I'd never even heard of her until now but she turns in a pretty kickass performance and bares quite a lot of skin to boot!

The movie's admittedly not that great but it's a fun quick little time passer if you've got nothing else to do. I just figured i'd notify whoever's interested in checking it out that it's gonna be airing on SciFi Sunday, March 15th at 2pm EST. Check it out and come back here and leave a comment with your thoughts when ya do. The only problem with it airing on tv is that it will of course be heavily cut and being that the movie has plenty of cursing and female nudity, you'll be missing out on some stuff. But for now, it's the only (legal) way to catch the movie here in the states. Although i'm sure if ya look hard enough, you can watch it totally uncut right this instant. No idea when it will be out on DVD over here, but I think it's gonna be called Lady is a Vamp when it does hit shelves in these parts.

SET YOUR DVR'S, MEWES FANS! If nothing else, it will probably give ya a few chuckles. And isn't it just nice to see Mewes given shots to show off his acting chops in movies directed by people other than Kevin Smith?


Bjornabo said...

Thanks for the tip. I love vampire movies, so I will surely check this one out.

I`ve just watched a Swedish vampire movies the last week. One called Frostbiten (Frostbitten in English) wich i thought was great. Not as good as Låt Den Retta Komma Inn (Let The Right One In) but very entertaining. Lots of blood and gore so I whould check it out if I were you.

Even though I like more "sleeazy" and older vampire movies (Hammer Horrors vampire movies are the best and Christopher Lee IS the one and only Dracula) some of the "new" vampire movies like "30 days of Night", Let The Right One In", "Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary" and "Frostbitten" show that the vampire culture ain`t dead. And you also have the Blade and Underwolrd series wich are good. So lets hope there are som good Vampire movies to come.

Johnny said...

Just added Frostbitten to my Netflix queue :)

I'm not the biggest vampire fan out there but ya, there's definetly been some good ones to come out lately. Let The Right One In being my all time favorite vampire movie. What do you think of Near Dark? I love that one too.

Bjornabo said...

To summon it up in one sentence. A Vampire movie with Lance Henriksen & Bill Paxton, what can go wrong... Great movie

Johnny said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

thebonebreaker said...

I don't know. . .

I too like Mewes [don't forget that he was also in The Tripper and briefly in the 1st Feast - though he will always be Jay]

This movie just doesn't sound that good - if it was anyone besides you recommending it, I would most likely pass it by, but since you suggested it, I'll give it a shot [though I'll have to wait for the DVD as Sundays are "Family Day" - no TV, electronics, etc - just family time, in my house]

Thanks for sharing Johnny!

Johnny said...

Well, it's nothing great so don't hold it against me if you don't like it! I just found it mildly entertaining and worth checking out for free on tv. Missing it would certaintly not be a sin!

Anonymous said...

Lame. And Erica Cox is NOT sexy. She's fug, and a bad actress. Mewes, however, is always hot, and NOT a bad actor, although somewhat of a one-trick pony.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Totally agree with everything in ur review, I enjoyed this movie enough to watch it a few times :)