Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come To Horror's Rescue!

- A few months back, Monsters HD was given the proverbial axe and now the other horror on demand channel, FEARnet, has been given the same treatment. No longer can Time Warner or Bright House Cable subscribers click on their televisions and choose from a host of horror flicks to watch at precisely the time they wanna watch 'em. Not gonna stand for this abuse of the horror genre? Then STAND UP TO IT! You can do this one of two ways. If you are a subscriber to Time Warner or Bright House, call 1-877-FEAR-247, where you will be connected with your cable operator and you can let them know you want FEARnet back. Secondly, whether you get the channel or not and you have a Facebook page, click over to FEARnet's Facebook and sign the petititon to bring them back. I personally do not get the channel but I can feel the pain of those who had it and lost it being that I had and lost Monsters HD, which my nights are a little less exciting without. So whether ya got it or not, stick up for horror and help bring it back into the homes of those who want and need it!

Even though the channel may be gone, the FEARnet website still exists and they've got their own constantly updating stream of on demand horror flicks for you to check out. Right now you can watch Frontier(s), Night of the Creeps, and all four Toxic Avenger movies wherever and whenever you wish! God bless the internet!

- My pals over in Tromaville also need your help. Would you believe it that Poultrygeist : Night of the Chicken Dead has never been shown in theatres in California?! Injustice? I think so! If you live in the San Diego area or are able to travel there and want Poultrygeist to finally play in Cali, SIGN THIS PETITION! The chicken zombies are counting on you!

- A few other random notes .....

- Let The Right One In, the greatest vampire movie ever made and the best horror movie to come out last year (in my opinion), is available to instantly watch on Netflix! If you haven't seen the flick yet, I STRONGLY urge you to check it out on Netflix while you still can. Best of all, this version has the correct non Americanized subtitles! WATCH NOW!

- New video game consists solely of shooting people in the face at point blank range! Check it out!

Would you buy that? I'm pretty certain I would!

- I checked out Troma's upcoming release of The Last Horror Film last night and I gotta say, it's a pretty kickass movie. If you liked Maniac and most importantly Joe Spinell in Maniac (or if you like the super sexy Caroline Munro and tons of other nude women), then you will love this one. It streets May 19th and I definetly recommend you pre-order it or at least give it a rent. I can assure you I am not just saying this because of my current ties with Troma. I would never lie and say I liked something I did not like. If I didn't like it, I just wouldn't talk about it, simple as that!

- Don't miss Quentin Tarantino on American Idol tonight! 8pm eastern time!


EyeloveMetal said...

Did I see the version with the bastardized subtitles??? Might have to watch that one again just for the hell of it though.. Great Movie!

Johnny said...

If you watched the American DVD release, then ya. They're not bad enough that they ruin the movie or anything, they're just a little off in places and it comes off as a bit of a dumbed down version of the movie. Either way, still an awesome movie!

Cins said...

What Luck! I AM in San Diego! I do believe I will have to pass that petition around!
Sucks about FearNET. That was my total source of insanity in between Netflix movies.

EyeloveMetal said...

You burnt me a copy you clown.. I'm wondering if it was the America DVD or possibly the original since this was awhile back.. ???

Johnny said...

haha oh ya, forgot about that. That was the original foreign release with the correct subtitles

thebonebreaker said...

Glad to hear that The Last Horror Film is a good one! ;-)