Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Won Free Horror Shit!

Since starting that Win Free Horror Shit blog (the blog designed to help you, yes you, win free horror shit, natch) a couple months back, i've entered a plethora of horror related contests, all of which i've posted on there for you to also enter. Not only does the blog provide you guys with a nice constantly updating stream of contests to easily enter, but it also provides me with the same. Chances are, if I didn't have a blog based around contests, i'd never seek out and enter any! So does Win Free Horror Shit work? I think the two DVD's i've just received in the mail are a pretty ringing endorsement!

First I got an e-mail from notifying me that I won a copy of Cycle of Fear on DVD. I know nothing about the flick but I always like to check out new shit so that was pretty cool. And just today, without any notification, I opened up my mailbox and found a copy of Eden Lake on DVD, with a congratulations note from I'm a huge Eden Lake fan but I already own the flick so i'm thinking maybe i'll have my own little contest to re-gift it to one of you guys sometime in the near future. Who wants a copy!?

Now you may have noticed that I haven't really been updating Win Free Horror Shit as often as I used to. Between this blog and working at Troma I haven't had much time for it but I think this is the kick in the ass I needed to get it going again. Just as I suspected, I haven't entered a single contest since I stopped updating that blog on a regular basis. Go figure! Bottom line is, I want some more free shit and i'm sure you guys do too, so head on over to the blog, follow it, and I promise to update it as much as I possibly can!

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quanthor said...

That's awesome and I gotta say might more brilliant than the theory of relativity.