Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm In Isle Of The Damned! Sort Of ....


Not sure if anybodys heard of this indy film Isle of the Damned, but it's basically a spoof to and homage of the horror sub genre of cannibal flicks (Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, etc). It's marketed as being made in 1980 by a mysterious dude named Antonello Giallo and being "banned in 492 countries!" when in actuality it was made in 2008 by a dude named Mark. Pretty cool and inventive way to market a Grindhouse style throwback of this type, if ya ask me. After hearing about it for quite some time, I picked myself up a copy from Monster Mania a couple months back (thanks to Antonello/Mark's good sales pitch) and finally got around to watching it tonight. It starts out as a fun and gory little throwback that certaintly is a love note to those afformentioned cannibal films, bad intentional dubbing and all, but it got pretty boring after about the 30 minute mark (maybe I just wasn't in the right mood). Still, it's certaintly not without its merits and laughs and would probably make for a good drinking with friends movie night. But i'm not here to talk about the movie!

I was checking out the special features on the disc, as I usually do after I watch a movie, whether I liked the movie or not, and there's a feature called "The Shameless Art Of Self-Promotion" which is a six minute mini documentary about the marketing of the film at a recent Monster Mania convention, one that I figured I probably attended being that i've been at most of them in recent years. My first thought was "oooh, I wonder if i'll see myself walking around the hotel!" and within the first 45 seconds, there Jen and I were! Check it out!


Movie stars and we didn't even know it! Ok, so it's not that exciting, but I thought it was pretty cool and like i've said before, i'm pretty easily amused by the small things in life. It's not every day you see yourself on a DVD!

And hey, if you're into old school cannibal movies and you're drunk and want some mindless entertainment, check out Isle of the Damned! You really can't rent it anywhere but you can pick it up on Amazon or maybe you'll even catch the guys at the next horror convention in your area!


dragonmanes said...

Thats awesome, I was crossing my fingers to catch myself on Going to Pieces since they did several fan interviews at Fango 07 (06?), way to infiltrate!

thebonebreaker said...

Awesome! :-)