Thursday, April 2, 2009

Troma Brings You ... The Last Horror Film!


On May 19th of this year, Troma will release the 1982 lost (until now!) slasher gem The Last Horror Film for the first time in America totally unrated and with a host of Troma approved special features! This film has not been seen in its unrated form for over 25 years and has NEVER been released on DVD in that form! Here's all the information about this must see release that Movie Gazette said "cuts deeper than the average slasher film"!

Troma Team Video is proud to present for the time uncut in America, one of Joe Spinell's (Rocky, The Godfather) most riveting, unnerving performances, since his unforgettable starring role in Maniac, in this underrated gem of the 1980s -- The Last Horror Film. Vinny Durand (Spinell), a lonesome New York cab driver who lives at home with his mother, has dreams of becoming a famous film director. Consumed by his depraved obsession with beautiful horror actress Jenna Bates (Bond-Girl Caroline Munro) and determined to have her star in his first film, Vinny trails her to the Cannes Film Festival. While Vinny's disturbing fascination grows, a mysterious killer begins slaughtering all people in Jenna's entourage. Is the obsessed fanatic and the psychotic killer one in the same? Will this be Jenna's Last Horror Film?

Special Features:

-My Best Maniac: Half-hour conversation with Joe Spinell's best friend Luke Walter
-Audio commentary by Walter and Troma's Evan Husney
-Buddy Giovinazzo's short MR. ROBBIE, a.k.a. MANIAC 2, starring Spinell
-Interview with MANIAC director William Lustig
-Original theatrical trailer
-Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman
-Plus even more Tromatic extras!


If you would like to be sent a screener copy of The Last Horror Film to watch and review on your blog or website, e-mail me at with your name and address and I will have Troma send one out to you! Once you review the flick, be sure to e-mail me with a link to said review!

For all others, if you would like to pre-order The Last Horror Film, head over to and do so today!


quanthor said...

Have you seen this beauty, Johnny?

I haven't, but I find most of Troma's to be hit or miss and rarely is there anything in between, which is why I'm curious if this film is "must see"?

Johnny said...

I have not yet seen it but I will be seeing it soon, so i'll let ya know!

Johnny 666 said...

Whats the chances of Troma posting a copy of this to Ireland?:-) Anyways, it's great that this is getting a DVD release, am a big fan of Joe Spinell.

Johnny said...

Ireland, eh? I'll see about that!

Brian Churilla said...

Spinell was awesome in Maniac. Taxi Driver too. ha. Thanks for the heads up. Color me excited.

Nik Holmes said...

As a wee lad in 80s England, before the whole Video Nasty nonsense, I remember seeing this and being scarred for life by a scene in which a gypsy woman gouges out a mans eye with her bare hands. Appaently my step dad had gotten into some kind of fracas with one of the travelling community at the pub, and my mum joked that they would be coming through the windows at night and doing the same to him. They both laughed, I just shat my pants in silence.
The scene occurs during one of the film within a film trailers of the movie, and I'd love to know if it really is as raw and icky as I remember.

Johnny said...

Ah, childhood memories of gory exploitation flicks! You must've seen the uncut one, which apparently only came out in the UK on VHS.