Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Troma Release That Just Might Make You Want To Slit Your Own Wrists!!

Who doesn't want to be driven to do that?!


I'm writing live from the Troma offices right now to tell ya about an exciting new release from the company. Combat Shock is a balls to the wall horror flick that came out in 1986. Ever seen it? Well, I can guarantee you've never seen it like this before! On July 28th of this year, Troma will be unleashing the never before seen 2 disc Director's Cut of Combat Shock and, as usual with the releases coming out of Tromaville, it will be absolutely chock full of awesome and comprehensive special features. Whether you're new to Combat Shock or have known and loved it for years, check out the brand spankin new uncut trailer to the film that Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer director John McNaughton hailed will "make you want to slit your wrists"!!!

The jam packed two disc Tromasterpiece release will be loaded with the following special features :

+ American Nightmares (100 min): The Never-Before-Seen Director’s Cut
+ Combat Shock (90 min): The Troma Theatrical Cut
-Audio Commentary with Director Buddy Giovinazzo and Jorg Buttgereit
-Optional Spanish Language Track
+ Post-Traumatic, An American Nightmare (40 min): A look at Combat Shock’s Everlasting
Underground Following and an Examination of ‘Nihilistic Cinema’ featuring all-new interviews
with: Rick Giovinazzo, John McNaughton, William Lustig, Jorg Buttgereit, Jim Van Bebber, Roy
Frumkes, Mitch Davis, Joe Kane, Rick Sullivan, David Gregory and more!
+ All-New Interview with Director Buddy G Conducted by Lloyd Kaufman
+ Never-Before-Seen Short Works by Buddy Giovinazzo:
- Mr. Robbie, starring Joe Spinell (Maniac)
- More to be announced!
+ Hellscapes (10 min): A Look at the Locations from Combat Shock as they appear today
+ Original Press and Photo Gallery
+ Original Theatrical Trailers
+ ‘Solider of Misfortune: Buddy Giovinazzo’s Combat Shock’ - New Liner Notes by Steve
Puchalski (Shock Cinema, Slimetime)

Can't wait to get your hands on it? Pre-order it today on Amazon for only $17.99!!

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Nik Holmes said...

Whoa, yet another blast from the past! Have never seen this one, but I remember it from when I first discovered Troma many moons ago in the pages of the shortlived Fantazia magazine. Amongst all the Rabid Grannies, Toxic Avengers and Nymphoid Barbarians there was an article on this little gem, which painted it as a kind of cross between Taxi Driver and Eraserhead. What sticks out for me was the mention of a scene whereby a coat hanger is used to tear into a junkies veins in order to get the next hit of heroin in there. I say 'scene' as this may actually be a real life incident relayed by Buddy Giovinazzo in the article, witnessed whilst writing the screenplay. Stay away from drugs kids!

Johnny 666 said...

It's actually my favorite film that troma release, and probably a top ten suicide inducing film for me. I love it. Any idea what is in the extra scenes?

Johnny said...

Not sure about the extra scenes, but i'll try to find out for ya.

wiec? said...

is that the one with the baby in the (don't want to spoil it) at the end? if it is i saw it hungover once in college. i had a guy who lived on my floor who spoke very highly of it. gave me the creeping willies.

i'll have to give it a 2nd chance. sober this time.

Johnny said...

Wish I could answer that question but I actually have yet to see it!

Johnny 666 said...

yo, WIEC?, that is indeed the film you are remembering. Probably best to watch this one hangover free.

Johnny said...

Johnny, Troma isn't up for shipping out of country, unless it's Canada :(

thebonebreaker said...

This one is in my Netflix Queue, however I think that I am just going to wait for this edition to come out!! :-)

Tony Clifton said...

Man Skuzzles, , is doing a limited edition Troma series of screen printed movie posters. They are crazy!