Thursday, April 23, 2009

Troma - Day 4

Another relatively slow day in Tromaville, but this one started off pretty good. Evan gave me a copy of The Last Horror Film on DVD (as in the real deal, not a burnt copy), which I think i've earned thanks to the endless amounts of promotion and spreading of word i've done with that flick over the past couple weeks. Speaking of, go check out the trailer and pre-order it on Amazon!! That's the last of it on this blog, I swear. Free DVD of a movie that's not available to the public yet, can't complain about that! I'm gonna have to try and get some Troma swag that I can give away in contests on here in the future. Wouldn't that be fun?!

After that, I was sent on a mission to Fed-ex Kinkos to pick up something, which I discovered was two printed out sheets of DVD covers for a couple Troma flicks. I'm a total novice when it comes to navigating around the city so I always get kinda nervous when I have to go on a mission, but I always manage to find my way there and back without too much of a hassle. The out of office mission has become my favorite task at Troma because it keeps me busy for a good portion of the day and allows me to get some fresh air and learn my way around the city. I don't know if i've ever mentioned it, but the city really isn't the place for me. I'm more a laid back move at my own pace kinda guy, which New York City of course is not. But once you're in there and once ya get a feel for it, it's not all that bad. This errand took a good hour and a half out of my day and I was just happy to be kept busy for the first couple hours of the day.

From there I did some more promotion for Combat Shock, mostly on message boards. Again, if you haven't seen the awesome trailer, check it out! While I was working on that, I was given the task of going through 15 pages of Troma/Roan Group (Troma's classic films department) titles and looking each and every one up on Netflix to find the ones that are listed "save" a.k.a the ones that the Flix doesn't have in stock at the moment. Netflix doesn't even carry most of the titles that were on that list and I only found about 20 "saved" titles out of a couple thousand but that again took up a few hours of my day so I wasn't complaining. Anything that keeps me busy for a good portion of time is a good thing in my book! Is there anything worse than sitting around at a job with nothing to do? Time crawls by at a snails pace and you feel like a fuckin retard who should be doing something. In this case, there's really not much for me to do unless i'm told to do something, which makes being given something to do all the more exciting.

Aside from that stuff I packaged up some orders from the website, which is a daily task at Troma. I used to hate doing this because there's a lot of steps involved and I don't want to fuck anything up, but i've gotten the hang of it and it's now just another simple time passer.

Around five I took out the garbage and I was on my (long) way home. And that's about it for day 4 in Tromaville. Just got an e-mail from Evan asking me to create a document with links to all of the websites/blogs on the net that have talked about The Last Horror Film, so i'll get to that Monday when I return from Canada. In the meantime, i've gotta hit the shower and start packing! Wish me and my three bearded long haired friends and out of place girlfriend luck in getting across the border without too much of a hassle. As Jen pointed out, they're probably gonna think we kidnapped her, got her hooked on the horse, and plan on introducing her into the Canadian sex trade market! Well, she pointed out that first part at least....


maweanne said...

Do you still intern there?

Johnny said...

I'm an on call/at home intern at this point. Instead of making the 4 hour trek out there every week, I do work for them from home. And if they have a big day where they need my help, they'll call me in. Works out a lot better this way for me.

maweanne said...

That's awesome. I work for them at conventions occasionally.