Monday, May 18, 2009

Dead Meat - A Horror Blog Like No Other

The typical "horror blog" is something that there is certaintly no shortage of out there on the web. In many cases they're boring and repetitive, with the same movies being reviewed and talked about and the same news being regurgitated over and over by seemingly every individual blog out there. There are certaintly some bloggers that stray from this typical formula and are consistently entertaining and enjoyable to read (I can only hope i'm one of those!) and a new horror blog that's just come to my attention just about takes the cake on that one.

There's a blogging format called 'blog fiction' wherein the purpose of the blog is to tell an ongoing fictional story, with each new post serving as a new chapter of sorts. I've seen a few horror blogs out there that have attempted (and failed at) this and i've even pondered from time to time about taking a stab at 'blooking' (blog/book hybrid) myself but have never gotten around to it. Well just today I discovered a horror blog that takes horror blogging to a whole new level. I present to you a zombie fiction blog by brothers Chris & Patrick Williams titled


The story centers around the fictional town of River's Edge and the zombie apocalypse that is going on over there. More specifically, it follows the lives of two young men, Gavin and Benny, who are seemingly the only humans left and who are engaged in a daily battle for the most important thing in the world, survival.

Dead Meat is an incredibly well written story/blog that almost fools you into thinking that the world you are reading about is in fact real. I've seen a good number of zombie movies in my day and the story going on in this blog is 100 times better and more well thought out than the lot of them. While most zombie tales follow the same conventions and rules that we've all seen and tend to revel in the exciting and fun gore that a zombie outbreak provides, Dead Meat keeps the violence realistic and dare I say even tragic. There should really be nothing exciting about killing another human being with a baseball bat, whether that human being is now a zombie or not, and Dead Meat stays very true to that harsh reality of what a zombie outbreak would probably really feel like for its survivors. It's a totally engrossing read that will probably make you beg for the next update, which takes place on a weekly basis, at the end of every week.

If you'd like to get in on the fun and get all caught up before the story continues this coming week, click here for the first chapter of the tale and follow along on the sidebar from there. If you're a quick reader, you can be all caught up in less than an hour.

In another brilliant move from the Williams brothers that makes Dead Meat feel even more epic in its scope, they've also created a secondary sister blog, River's Edge Dispatch, which serves as a behind the scenes account of Dead Meat, full of information like the particular 'rules' of the zombies (or 'bees' as they're called, named after the fact that they travel in swarms) in the Dead Meat world and things of that sort that make the whole thing a lot more exciting and special. These guys have really created a whole world here and I feel like what we've already seen is only the beginning.

I leave you with one of my favorite little excerpts from Dead Meat, to whet your appetite :

"She looks up with curious eyes and sees us. Pausing for a moment but focusing her eyes on ours, she slowly raises both blood soaked arms, stretching out her hands as if trying to touch us. She just stands there. Silent. Looking at us. Her sweater starts to move on its own, as if something invisible’s tugging on it. From under her sweater, her bowels slide onto the ground, a large amount of blood lubricating the way. Still reaching for us, she looks down, almost curiously. She bends down to her knees, trying to gather her intestines up and slowly tucks them back into herself. As her arms try to hold her intestines in, she looks up to us again, reaching with only one arm this time, the other arm trying to cover the wound in her abdomen. More intestines fall, and she tries to scoop them up again and again. No moaning. No screaming. Nothing."

Check the site out and let me know what ya think! If you like it, be sure to become a follower of it so you will know when new chapters are posted!

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