Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Discussion Of The Week - Week 3

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It's a question and topic that's been discussed to death in pretty much every place horror can or has been discussed (and it's one i've even discussed at length in the past), but it's a question that cannot be left out of any respectable horror discussion so lets get it out of the way....

What is your favorite horror movie remake? Actually, to spice it up a little, and so nobody can take the easy route of The Thing or The Fly, let's cut that question down a bit. What's your favorite horror movie remake from the past ten years?

My choice is not an easy one being that i've absolutely loved several of the remakes that have come out in the past few years. Texas Chainsaw, House of Wax (fuck off!), Dawn of the Dead, and Quarantine all come to mind. But the one I was most impressed by and the one that trumps the original the most is .....


I've never been a huge fan of Craven's original, I can't lie. I own it, and I liked it enough to watch it a couple times, but i've never considered it a must see genre classic and quite frankly, I tend to get pretty bored by it. It's a movie that was just dying to be upgraded for our generation and High Tension's Alex Aja, who was a huge fan of the flick, took advantage of the groundwork Craven laid decades prior. And if you're asking me, he knocked it out of the fucking ballpark. I still can't for the life of me figure out how any horror fan could not like what Aja did with this movie. It's a balls to the wall no holds barred movie that exemplifies everything the horror genre is about. This is a true horror movie in every sense of the word and I love every second of it, no matter how many times I watch it. From the characterization to the brutal gore to the badass western revenge style cheer in your seat turn at the end, The Hills Have Eyes '06 is not only my favorite remake in the past decade, it's one of my favorite genre movies period of the past decade. If you're askin me, it really does not get much better than this.

With that, I turn the floor over to you!


Zacery Nova said...

It would be VERY easy for me to say 'Black X-Mas', but since that seems to be the answer to the other discussion - I'll say that I enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes...2! remake, and I liked Halloween for what it was.

- Zac

Nik Holmes said...

Yeah, Hills was one of the better remakes and certainly improves in alot of ways, but I'm not too great a fan of the Redneck mutant family genre overall, especially when taken to these 'monster movie' extremes. However at least they showed you can literally remake these movies and still knock out a decent movie.

Dawn of the Dead and House of Wax rocked my face off, but titles apart they were really just amazing genre movies rather than straight remakes.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre did it for me, it just looked great and really got the adrenalin pumping when I saw it on the big screen. However it's interesting that this could just have easily been a straight sequel since TCM 3 & 4 where as much remakes as this was.

The Fog has to be my least favourite, for the same reason as that other Carpenter remake Halloween, they just gave too much information. It was like hearing a joke you loved being told by a slightly senile old man.

In the end then, I'm going to have to say Dawn of the Dead. I love the idea of Zombie movies, yet 99.9% of them suck the fat one, so if the only way to get a good one out there is to cash in on someone elses past glories then I'm happy about that. And CJ is just too cool, 'tash et al.

Zach said...

I think I have to go with Quarantine. I really liked Hills and Dawn and Funny Games, but Quarantine did it for me. Just great.

Jason in Portland said...

I am very critical of horror remakes. I do think the Friday the 13th was a very good and necisary remake. My favorite is Dawn of the Dead. The original is a great premise but gets boring after a while. This one keeps things interesting, ie zombie baby!

Gwen said...

My fave horror remake is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I know people will stone me for picking this, but I don't care. I'm in love with the cinematography. It's gorgeous and I never get tired of admiring it. The cast is great and I actually care about the characters. That wasn't the case with the original.

I also love The Hills Have Eyes, House of Wax and Dawn of the Dead.

Quanthor said...

Unquestionably 'The Ring', it's not just a great remake, it's one of the best horror movies of the last 20 years.

I love the ideal somber blue hue aesthetics and settings which is complimented perfectly by some rich performances that really drive home that feeling of regret and abandonment.

The film also has great suspense and is chock full of eerie and frightfully scary moments.

Johnny said...

I'm glad most of you are in agreement with the couple I mentioned because I usually get shit on for saying those remakes are good. I think some people just can't look past the fact that they're remakes and thus hate them for no reason, which is a shame.

Quant, I too am a big fan of The Ring and it's definetly one of the better remakes out there.

Monkeymanbob said...

Hmmm, had to ponder long and hard over this one.

TCM & DOTD didn't need remakes, but those that were made didn't do any disservice to the orignals.

The original Hills bored the hell out of me, so the remake had no where to go but up in my estimations.
House of Wax and 2001 Maniacs were fun and I haven't seen the Rec remake, so I'm gonna have to go with The Ring, I found the batshit insanity of horses jumping around a little confusing for my noggin.

Johnny said...

Speaking of scary scenes! That horse jumping off the boat was pretty goddamn freaky in its own right!

Nik Holmes said...

Of course, The Ring! Dawn stilll wins out for me as the better movie, but as for a direct remake I forgot how much I loved The Ring. I personally found it superior to the original as it retained the gloomy sense of dread but played into a more western fear set. in some ways it was reminiscent of Don't Look Now for me, though obviously without that movies poetic feel.
The sequel however was just a waste of time and talent.

and gwen, have to agree 100% about your TCM comments, that movie just looked GREAT up on the big screen.

Zacery Nova said...

I love the House of Wax remake!

- Zac

Johnny said...

Agreed Nik. Ring 2 was awful and I didn't even really like Ringu much, but The Ring was one of the better horror movies in the last decade period.

Quanthor said...

You know one kick ass remake that rarely if ever gets mentioned or repeatedly forgotten that I adore?


Johnny said...

I've only seen parts of Willard, but I liked what I saw. I've been meaning to watch the whole thing for a while now.

Bjornabo said...

Ad me to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-list. Great movie, great actors and great storyline.

But I also enjoyed: The Hills Have Eyes, House Of Wax, Halloween, Black Xmas, Dawn Of The Dead, House On Haunted Hill, Quarantine, The Ring. (Don`t shoot me because of these two movies) The Eye and When A Stranger Calls.

Johnny said...

I'm with ya on all of them but Halloween and When a Stranger Calls. Didn't care for either of those. I haven't seen The Eye yet, mostly because I just assumed it was gonna suck. But I guess everything should be given a fighting chance.

Johnny said...

Anyone else dig the Last House and Amityville remakes?

Nik Holmes said...

Not seen either versions of Last House, the subject matter just seems too grim for me to give a watch and Last Houses banned status in the UK for so many years meant I never got to see it in my younger days when I was devouring anything to do with horror.
I wanted to like Amityville as I actually like the original. Unfortunately it went too far in the direction of a Dark Castle picture, with cgi and wobbly Jabods Ladder heads. These are things I enjoy in House on Haunted Hill, but not something which claims to be based on a true story.
However I did enjoy When a Stranger Calls. As a horror it kind of fell flat, but as a high quality 1970s TV movie thriller I liked it. It may help that I watched it on TV last year and so no money changed hands.

Johnny said...

Last House is definetly pretty brutal. Even being a seasoned horror fan, I was pretty disturbed by the remake. But that was ultimately the goal with that film, so i've gotta commend it for that.

The thing with Amityville is that i'm kinda bored by the original. I love the film and all but it does get kinda boring. I thought the remake was a nice little upgrade that's probably more entertaining a film when all is said and done. And I thought Ryan Reynolds did a pretty kickass job in it.

Nik Holmes said...

Hey you're right there, Ryan Reynolds is the man! He was the one good thing in Blade 3 and I hoped Amityville might lead to more serious roles from him. The guy rocks a mean beard, and i still need to see The Nines.
Will have to check out the Last house I guess, I think I could stomach rape revenge as opposed to raped, humiliated and murdered and left to mom and pop alone. Hey, maybe after that I'll get round to Irreversible, Funny Games and Martyrs, for the feelgood hits of the century!

Johnny said...

haha now that sounds like a fun marathon!

Brad said...

My favorite was Hills tbh. That's the movie that should stand as a blueprint as to how to update an older film for new audiences.

I mean what I love about Aja is that he shows the monsters in daylight, and doesn't use the genre convention of darkness to scare you. That, and the movie is pretty high on the brutality scale.

I recommend it to everyone over the Wes Craven original, as it's more stylish and gory.

Johnny said...

Amen! Aja was at the top of my "future of horror" filmmakers list....until Mirrors =( Lets hope that was just a fluke!

Isaac said...

i enjoyed dawn of the dead remake alot. even though it wasnt exactly a remake.
i also really liked halloween 2007.
and i never saw the original texas chainsaw massacre, but the 2003 was enjoyable. i enjoyed it alot more that the 2008 sequel/prequel. even though the scene where he fake sheriff (i forget his name) gets his head bashed on the floor was awesome. probably because i hated the guy so much. lol

does it count even if i havent seen the original??

Johnny said...

Sure it counts Isaac!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

with regards to the remake of "HOUSE OF WAX" (which i thought was absolutely magnificent and ludicrously under-rated) i could never understand why people kept trashing paris hilton and her acting abilities, as far as i`m concerned she was no better or worse than any of her co-stars. The only thing that was missing from the film was a lesbian scene between paris and elisha cuthbert, that would have made the film perfect.

Brian Roswell said...

Let's see...for me it breaks down like this:

The Good:

The Hills Have Eyes
Halloween (and by extension, it's sequel, which I liked more than the original H2 to be honest.)
The Last House On The Left
Dawn Of The Dead
The Ring

The Bad:

Every Platinum Dunes remake.
Prom Night
The Fog
When A Stranger Calls
House Of Wax
Black X-Mas
The Eye
My Bloody Valentine 3D
The Stepfather
The Omen
The Grudge

I'm sure there are more I could add to both lists, but those are pretty much the main ones.

Guess said...

I haven't watched many remakes of horror film but the grudge was good, friday the 13th was good (could also work as a sequel)I didn't like my bloody valentine that much and hated Halloween.

Eric Flapjack Ashley said...

The few horror remakes I liked:

The Hills Have Eyes
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Last House of the Left
The Blob (1988)
The Thing (1982)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Ring
The Grudge
Night of the Living Dead (1990)

I also liked Dawn of the Dead, but I think it is because it was so dissimilar to the original that I don't even think of it as a remake but as a stand alone movie.

The ones I absolutely hated:
Halloween II
The Stepfather
Prom Night
Piranha 3D
Friday the 13th
A Nightmare on Elm Street
When a Stranger Calls
Black X-Mas
The Amityville Horror
April Fool's Day
Night of the Living Dead 3D
The Fog
Fright Night
Day of the Dead (2005)

I also kind of enjoyed the 2011 prequel of THE THING as well.