Monday, May 4, 2009

Exclusive Interview....With Me!

I've always felt that if I someday got interviewed by somebody, then I would know that I had truly 'made it'. Only people who actually achieve things get interviewed, right?! Well, thanks to fellow blogger Carl over at I Like Horror Movies, I guess you could say I have in some small way made it! Carl has just launched off a brand new featurette on his blog where he will be profiling and interviewing bloggers that he is a fan of and wouldn't ya know it, the first installment is an interview with yours truly!


And be sure to add I Like Horror Movies to your favorites! Thanks, Carl, for all the support and for making me feel like i've accomplished something in life!

1 comment:

Carl (ILHM) said...

FiS has been a huge inspiration and is definitely a personal favorite, so I am more than happy to have you on man! As you mentioned in the interview, the horror community is a close knit family, and Im all about supporting anyone who provides original and entertaining content for the genre I love and want to have 10,000 babies with!