Sunday, May 24, 2009

For Those Without Netflix...

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I got four Netflix free one month trial codes in the mail but only one person has e-mailed me and taken me up on the offer, so I figured i'd mention it again before these things expire without finding a home. Think of it as a Memorial Day present from me to you! I've already convinced all my friends to sign up for the Flix, so I really have no one else to give these to but you guys.


If you want a free one month trial of Netflix, e-mail me at and i'll give a coupon code to you. You will get all the movies you can watch and return plus all the movies you can watch instantly on your computer for an entire month. I only have three left, so act quick! The coupons expire June 15th which means you must activate your account by then. It does not however mean that that's when the free trial will end. As long as you activate by then, you will get one free month starting from the date you activate.

And while we're at it, this is the perfect time to plug a past post I did called "Ten + Horror Flicks You Can Instantly Watch On Netflix That You Should Instantly Watch On Netflix", which I think is pretty self explanatory. Get the code, activate the account, and start watching some of these movies right this instant!

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