Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, From Fright Rags!

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What better way to honor our fallen war dead on this very special day than to get some super cheap tees from the leading horror shirt company in America! Is he really blogging about Fright Rags again?! Yes, he is! They've always got cool shit going on, I can't help it! Besides, when I support something, I tend to really support that something. I've quite literally become a walking Rags billboard in my daily life. But anyway!

What if I told you you could get this .....


or this....


or even this.....


for a mere $11.95? No way, that's 29% off the original price! It's too good to be true! Yes, it is, but yes, it's true! But for today only!! And those are not the only shirts you can choose from. You can also decorate your closet and adorn your body with The Omen, Fulci's Zombie, Slumber Party Massacre, Fright Night, and even everyone's favorite burnt up madman who made an appearance on Full House, Cropsy!

Click here to browse the whole discounted selection! And if you purchase anything, tell 'em Freddy In Space sent ya! But remember, this deal ends when today ends and it will be gone forever!

No more excuses Zacery Nova!


Ben said...

Thanks for the mention!!

Zacery Nova said...

:D Damn, how am I supposed to complain now?!

BJ-C said...

sweet tits dood.