Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Clarification....

Just wanted to set the record straight on something. I'm really posting this for one person in particular and for my own peace of mind (I can't sleep at night when shit aint right), so feel free to not read this as it will probably be quite boring to most of you!

Last night I made a post (this one) wherein I re-posted an article I wrote over at a website I used to write for, Benevolent Street, and said some things about that site that kinda came off the wrong way to some people, namely the owner of the site, Tony, who's actually been a friend of mine for quite a while now (and who's a hell of a nice guy to boot). Apparently someone sent him an e-mail saying something to the effect of "your site sucks and it's dead" (mature, eh?) and linked to my afformentioned post I guess as some sort of citing of evidence supporting his claim, a claim which I in no way support or believe in. Naturally, this made it sound like this dude was some sort of crony of mine and made my own words come off a lot more harsh when read as a follow up to that comment and I got a message from Tony earlier tonight who was clearly upset and angry with me, and rightfully so. We patched things up and I explained myself and made clear the fact that I in no way support afformentioned ass clowns e-mail comments and all is now well but I just wanted to pop on here and thank you, Tony, for picking me to write for your site and thank you for the opportunity. I had a great time while it lasted and I have the utmost appreciation that you picked me to be on the staff. Bottom line is, when it comes to writing for websites, i'd rather just focus on my own for now and that's really all there is to it. I merely wanted to re-post that article on here because I thought it was cool and I wanted to be able to archive it on my blog. That is all. So Tony, I wish you all the best of luck and I hope there's no bad blood between us.

I happen to know that Tony is in the process of re-staffing and re-launching Benevolent Street, so bookmark it and check back regularly for updates! And who knows, maybe i'll hop on there every once in a while and do a little guest post, provided i'm still welcome.

With that said, we may now return to regularly scheduled un-professional conduct filled programming!


Zacery Nova said...

Whoever emailed that dude is shitty (and it wasn't me, which ever one of you was going to say that!).

Question: You're well versed in horror movies and I've run out of ones to watch. I hadn't seen 'See No Evil' till this year! So have you got any suggestions of modern stupid horror movies for me to watch/review?

I like good direction and good effects. I loved The Ruins, Flight of the Living Dead and the Hills Have Eyes 2 remake (to give you an example).

Any ideas?

- Zac

Johnny said...

Modern stupid horror movies, eh? My Name Is Bruce comes to mind. Or Poultrygeist!

They're not stupid but have you seen Hatchet, Wrong Turn 2, or Bubba Ho-Tep? All must sees.

If I think of anything else, i'll let ya know!

Zacery Nova said...

I love Wrong Turn 2 and Bubba Ho-Tep. I'll check out High Tension!

Johnny said...

High Tension rocks!