Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Movies I Watched In April

Between working for Troma, going to Canada, and all around spending less time in the house this past month, I didn't get around to watching as many movies as I normally would in any given month so I don't have too many to discuss here but before we get to that .....


Martyrs (click for my full review) came out on DVD this past Tuesday and when I say it's a must own, I MEAN IT! I'm not saying you're gonna love it but whether you come out of it loving it or hating it, you're gonna be glad you checked it out and I can promise you that it will not leave your mind for a few days afterwards. This is a horror film on a whole nother level than pretty much anything you've seen before. I showed it to Jen last night and I wish I snapped a picture of her post flick mascara smeared face as it pretty much summed up the power of this movie. Either rent it or just go out and buy it as soon as possible! I'm watching the hour long making of documentary right now and this featurette coupled with the movie itself makes the disc a must buy if ya ask me. So ya, BUY IT! Just don't buy the edited version Wal-Mart and Blockbuster are selling!

And now on to the movies I watched this past month.....

Adventureland - Totally not what I expected and I really didn't enjoy it all that much. Bill Hader is a comic god but other than that, I was not impressed.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane - Cool flick, cool twist. I liked it.

Chocolate - Godly. Wait till you see what this young Thai chick is capable of. The jaw meets the floor.

Combat Shock - Totally disturbing and totally awesome. One of the most epic and memorable movie endings ever.

The Happening - I just don't get it. So it was supposed to be a poorly acted bad B movie?

Isle of the Damned - Fun for about a half hour and then it lost its luster.

Jersey Girl - People shit on this flick all the time but I love it! Not the biggest Affleck fanboy but i'm a big fan of this movie and I cry like a little bitch every time.

Laid To Rest - Dissapointment. Awesome gore, shitty movie.

The Last Horror Film - I wish Joe Spinell were in every horror movie ever made!

Slumdog Millionaire - A little hard to live up to all the hype but I of course loved it.

Stand By Me - One of my favorite movies of all time and definetly one of my personal answers to the "if you were marooned on an island and could only bring (however many) movies with you...." question.

Threevening With Kevin Smith - I love all of the Evening With's but even I can only handle them for an hour at a time. No disrespect to big Kev!

Tremors - Why do I always forget how awesome this movie is?

Unbreakable - Might be my favorite M. Night flick.

Vampira : The Movie - Certaintly not the most well made documentary but I guess it was interesting.

Woodstock - Can't wait till this comes to Blu-ray (June 9th). I love to watch this documentary from time to time and pretend i'm there. On a related note, Jen has not stopped playing Canned Heat since we watched this.

Best movie I watched in April award goes to......


I'm gonna have to give it to Chocolate, as it's the most entertaining and impressive thing I saw last month. Is it as good of a movie as Slumdog? No, but i'm not picking Slumdog! It's gotten enough praise and it doesn't need mine. Whether you like this flick as a whole or not, you will be most definetly enjoy watching this crazy chick kick some serious ass, Tony Jaa style. If you want to ride your fast forward button and watch only the big action sequences, of which there are many, be my guest. You just simply must see what this girl is capable of. I've said it before and i'll say it again ; there is nothing better than a badass chick kicking ass!


Gwen said...

Yay for the Mandy Lane and Stand By Me love!

I agree with your Kevin Smith statement.

wiec? said...

third time i've read a good review for Chocolate and you were so spot on about Hitch Hike last month that i'll have to check it . and yer right Unbreakable is my fav M. movie too but christ was that Happening so NOT Happening.

and everyone needs some Canned Heat from time to time.

Zacery Nova said...

I actually liked The Happening - what can I say, there's clearly something wrong with me.

- Zac

christmas light said...

yeah, the happening is supposed to be a B movie, M. Night said so. of course he could just be trying to cover his ass. but i liked it, where else can i see twelve year olds blown away with shot guns? and ill watch anything with zooey deschanel in it. and no offense to jen, but i like country joe and the fish better. and richie havens was just pure fucking power

willy jerk-off said...

I liked the scene where she beats up 12 geezers and then has that fight with that geezer who`s suffering from saint vitus dance. she`s a gorgeous little darlin`, it would have been nice if we could have seen her naked at some point in the film, that would`ve been fantastic. By the way, slumdog millionaire was an unwatchable pile of garbage.