Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D....In 2D

***Click HERE to read my review of MBV 3D when I saw it in the theatre and in 3D***


When I originally saw/reviewed MBV 3D, my main gripes with it were with the 3D gimmick itself. For whatever reason, 3D just does not work well with me. It never has and i'm starting to realize it never will. My eyes get blurry, I get double vision, I get a headache, and can't focus on what's going on on the screen. So what should've been a fun experience for me turned out to be not so much fun and I just wanted to take the glasses off and watch the movie in regular 2D. I still wasn't sure if I just wasn't feeling the movie period or if the 3D ruined it for me all around but I was pretty sure that the movie would be a lot more fun and enjoyable in 2D and thank god for DVD because I just watched it in two dimensions and I gotta say, it's a pretty kickass movie. There's very few scenes in the whole runtime that don't contain some kind of violent and gory act and really, who can complain about that? From a midget getting stuck to the ceiling via pickaxe to the legendary Tom Atkins getting his jaw ripped off to a fully naked chick running around....fully naked, it's all a pretty fun rollercoaster ride. Granted it is faulted. I still don't like Kerr Smith and the twist ending still sucks (although i'm warming up to it with each viewing) and they still should've used the original MBV theme song, but I just wanted to post this to say that I now consider myself a fan of this movie and that my previous review is a little unfair due to the fact that I was seeing double vision when I watched it that first time. I wish like hell I could have as much fun with the 3D version as most can, but I prefer the 2D myself.


By the way, the alternate ending is essentially the same as the regular ending. The only difference is that when Tom kills the rescue worker, he envisions that the guy is "The Miner". As for the deleted/extended scenes, there's really nothing exciting to note.

And that's all I wanted to say about that!


Carl (ILHM) said...

I wanna make out with MBV3D, it is absolutely flawed but in a classic terrible but awesome 80s slasher way, very happy to see you liked it more on the 2D watchthrough homeslice!

Zacery Nova said...

This sounds exactly like the sort of film I would love (in 2D) - I haven't seen this new 3D (but am begging my Dad or looking for a new 18-year-old friend to take me to see Final Destination 4. I hate being 16) but the other 3D wasn't working for me really.

I might watch this soon.

- Zac

The Nobody said...

The Nobody here... MBV3D was a surprise to this viewer as well. I am a die hard fan of the original, but felt this new breed version held its own. The Eerie-Coterie watched it 3D and was still impressed, even though 3D gives my a friggin' headache. It ranked a 4 Scythe Rating from us at the time, which is a Throat Slashed rating!

Johnny said...

Woo hoo just got this for $10 at Best Buy! They had an advertisement for the original My Bloody for ten bucks but someone put all of the remake DVD's in that area, so I took advantage and played dumb and scored the remake for ten! On top of that, the deal for the original was expired and wasn't even supposed to be advertised anymore!

Zacery Nova said...

I goddamn hate you. FUCK YOU! Jammy git (which for those of you who aren't Irish means "lucky man who you're jealous of").

(although I did just buy Crank and Dawn of the Dead on DVD for $10. WIN!)

- Zac

Eric said...

I hate 3-D. Hollywood is pushing it as the next big thing only because it allows them to arbitrarily charge three more bucks a ticket. It's annoying, stupid, and takes away from the viewing experience.

Nik Holmes said...

I love 3D. Hollywood is welcome to my extra cash when it means I can see Tom Atkins jawbone flying into my lap! Should I wish not to have such pleasures, there's always a screen showing the 2D version for less, and this review proves that should you opt for 2D you can still enjoy it. Everyone wins!
As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it but thought that


Harry Warden was a super badass as the villain in the movies prologue, and I so wanted him to be the killer. that would have been awesome. Hell have him turn up at the end anyway, he wasn't an hallucination afterall and he pick axes down Jaime King from behind! BAM!! Didn't see that coming!

Johnny said...

Nik, my thoughts exactly. The movie would've been a lot cooler if it turned out that the killer really was Harry Warden. Now that's a twist!

**Spoilers regarding High Tension**

..same goes for that movie. I wish the dude was the killer, not the chick hallucinating that he was.

Nik Holmes said...

Yeah, that really let the whole movie down big time. The worst part is someone let slip the ending before I had seen it, so I never even got to enjoy 'Fat Sweaty' on the rampage, ignorant of the killers true identity. Instead I just watched scenes such as the chopped off head bj and sat their thinking 'eh? How's that happening?'