Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Mysterious Envelope...

arrived in my mailbox today. It was postmarked to me from an Agent Perez in New York City. What had I done wrong this time? Inside the envelope was a confidential evidence packet with a DVD inside and a letter from the FBI. I was shitting bricks.


I began to read the letter, addressed directly to me. "Dear Mr. Squires, The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance in the Missing Persons case reference above. As you may have been informed from various media sources, five young adults (listed below) were reported as missing persons on Jaunary 13th, 2009. They were last seen at 23 Muskeegee Road in the town of Woodstock, New York (Catskills Mountains) in upstate New York."

Do they think I have something to do with this?! I read on....

"Approximately 2 months later on March 13, 2009, a VHS videotape ("The Artifact") was delivered anonymously to box #422 at the main office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC. A complete copy of this VHS tape has been transferred to DVD and enclosed for your review."

The letter went on but I soon realized that this was not a real letter from the FBI. Thank the good lord! This was a brilliant marketing campaign for a new low budget indie horror flick titled Evil Things and i've gotta say, this is the perfect proof that the way you market and promote a film has a huuuuuge effect on generating interest. If I had been sent merely a normal looking DVD screener copy of this movie, like i've been sent before from other folks, chances are I would be in no rush to pop the disc in my player and watch it. But as is, there is no way that I can refrain from watching this movie right this second. Filmmakers take note! Whether the film itself is any good or not, I just want to congratulate the director, Dominic Perez, on this genius marketing and thank him for sending me a copy. This is by far the coolest thing that has arrived in my mailbox in quite some time. If everyone were as passionate about their films as Mr. Perez, the world would be a much better place. And this level of passion and detail leads me to believe that what i'm about to watch is gonna be pretty kickass. If the dude put this much work and love into the marketing, he must've put a hell of a lot of both of those into the film itself, right?


Without further adieu, I must drop everything i'm doing (which admittedly is not all that much) and toss this ominous looking disc into my PS3. I will be back soon with my thoughts!


Quanthor said...

That's fucking brilliant!

I love it!

Zacery Nova said...

I LOVE clever marketing. (I just hope the movie is good :D)

- Zac

Carl (ILHM) said...

Most awesome, I would pay retail for a package like that, very awesome. Cant wait to hear what flick it is!

Cins said...

Sorry to be posting on an old article, but I JUST got mine in the mail...VERY excited to watch this!