Sunday, May 24, 2009

Next Time You Use The 'I Have No Money' Excuse To Not Make Your Movie....


This has pretty much been posted all over the net by now but I can't not talk about it, lest any of you guys missed it. Colin is a zombie flick made by a British dude named Marc Price that is generating a hell of a lot of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival. Price is in talks with several Japanese disbributors as well as a few major Hollywood studios who want to pick up the rights to his movie and i'd say he stands to make quite a bit of profit from any such deal, no matter how much he is offered. Believe it or not, word is that Colin was made on a budget of only $70.

Yes, SEVENTY DOLLARS. And yes, it's a feature length film.

Colin is an original take on the zombie sub-genre, told from the point of a view of a newly bitten zombie. Check out the trailer to see what a $70 zombie movie looks like!

So how'd he do it? Price recruited zombie extras from social networking sites like Facebook and taught himself how to do special effects so that he wouldn't have to pay anyone to do it for him. In fact, Price paid nobody for their services and even had them bring their own equipment. The $70 is said to be the result of the purchases of some tapes, a crowbar, and tea for the cast and crew. So like I said, next time you make that excuse, just think about Colin and get your ass in gear and make your own damn movie (in the words of Lloyd Kaufman)! A success story like this proves that all you need is a good idea and a lot of heart to make a good movie. Those two things are things money cannot buy, no matter how much you've got of the stuff. As Robert Rodriguez has always said, a lack of money forces you to be creative and not rely on the green stuff to fix all your problems, which can result in far better and more creative films than those shot with a never ending money hose. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Congratulations Marc and thanks for being such an inspiration! I myself cannot wait to check this flick out.

For more information on Colin and to watch an exclusive clip, head over to the official website.


wiec? said...

wow! all i can say really.

a low dough production for a movie whose trailer looks that good? i hope that guy makes a fortune.

Johnny said...

I'd say he stands to make quite the fortune!

EyeloveMetal said...

I'm definitely interested to see it.. 70$?!?

Monkeymanbob said...

Over the last couple of days this has been getting some major major coverage in the UK, but no actual reviews, just focusing on the budget, I'm hoping it does well and we can see a return to the halcyon days of British horror

Johnny said...

Lets hope that comment doesn't start another British cinema debate ;)