Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Six Brand New Fright Rags Designs!!

***Don't forget to vote on which Fright Rags design you want to see next!***

One of the great things about Fright Rags, awesome shirt designs aside, is that they are incredibly prolific, churning out a seemingly endless supply of kickass horror shirts to adorn your body and make you the talk of the town. They've already released enough new designs this year to make any fan more than satisfied and just today they added a whopping SIX brand spankin new shirts to their website! Lets get right into checking 'em out!













Near Dark and The Raft are must owns for me. I've loved The Raft ever since I was a kid and Near Dark is one of my favorite horror flicks, as i'm sure you well know by now, so I can't wait to hide my pasty and flabby not at all ready for summer torso with them. Which one's your favorite?

To check out better quality high res photos or to pick up any of these new shirts ($16.95 a piece) head over to Fright Rags, where you will receive free shipping on orders over $60 and 10% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter! They also have a huge sale going on over there with $20 hoodies, $10 girl tees, and $8 clearance tees, so be sure to check those out too!

I know I talk about Fright Rags an awful lot on this blog but i've recently discovered a couple other horror t-shirt companies that give The Rags a run for their money and i'll not only be talking about those soon but i've also partnered with two of those companies in particular to bring you giveaways of some of their awesome shirts, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks!


Zacery Nova said...

I know you screen all your comments, so feel free not to add this one (I don't wanna be a debbie downer) -- but don't you think those t-shirts're a little pricey? Hmm, maybe it's just me.

- Zac

The Warfreak said...

Yeah, The Raft one is a must buy!

Johnny said...

Zac - I only screen them to prevent someone saying something really mean or out of line, which has only happened once. I do not censor people's personal opinions. Being a huge fan of Fright Rags shirts, I personally have no problem shelling out $16.95 for one. The guys over there work really hard to design and print up their shirts and I think that's a fair price. Besides, where you can really get a nice shirt for under 20 bucks these days anyway?

Zacery Nova said...

Well, when you're a cheap student (such as myself) you head to Goodwill/ Salvation Army and hope for the best :D

I suppose that for a new, unique t-shirt that money's not too bad but I won't be buying one any time soon (not for the want of trying).

- Zac

PS: It's fine to screen comments.

Johnny said...

Well hey, maybe check out their $8 clearance section! =)

Quanthor said...

First of all $16.95 is a pretty good deal if you ask me, especially since A. They're exclusive to that site only and B. They're works of art. They could probably get away with charging $20+ if they wanted, but since they have the best customer service I've ever encountered in my life, they see to it that they keep the prices down to keep people happy.

Secondly, my fave of the lot is 'Phenomena' I really love the colors on that shirt.

Cins said...

Okay, Near dark and Creep Show shirts FTW! I'm investing in a Fright Rags Shirt for Summer convention season.

Johnny said...

Amen, Quant. They really are works of art. They usually sell them for 15$ a piece if you can catch them at a convention, which is where I usually stock up.

Stac said...

I m in luh-HUUUUUV with the Candy Man shirt. And the Dolls one. And the Faster, Pussycat one. And maybe a few others.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up Creepshow 2 design for "The Raft". Awesome!!!