Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tales From The Crypt - My Favorite Episode

I've been a huge fan of Tales From The Crypt ever since I was a youngin and while there are a few episodes that have stuck with me throughout the years, there's one in particular that i'd have to give the illustrious honor of calling my favorite. I just found the full episode on YouTube (thanks to user 321HereWeGo - he's got a bunch of Tales episodes uploaded) and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's from Season 5 (disc 1 of the DVD) and originally aired on October 13th, 1993. With a star studded cast including Bill Paxton and Brad "Chucky" Dourif, I bring to you ....

People Who Live In Brass Hearses


A small-time crook (Bill Paxton), with the help of his dim-witted brother (Brad Dourif), sets out to get revenge on an ice cream truck driver (Michael Lerner) who put him in prison years ago, but get a nasty surprise when they attempt to rob the driver's ice cream warehouse.

Enjoy this particularly gory episode!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

It's no secret that i'm both a serious Paxton nut and I have a serious ice cream man fixation (not to mention ice cream man + horror = gold), so it was pretty much written in stone that this episode was gonna be my fave. And for some reason that opening scene of The Paxtonator chowing down on a stick of butter has stayed with me for at least a decade. I can never pick up a stick without being reminded of it! Damn you, Bill Paxton!

Any other fans of this one? For that matter, what is your favorite Tales From The Crypt episode?


J. Astro said...

My favorite is easily "THE MAN WHO WAS DEATH", w/ Bill Sadler turning in an absolutely "electrifying" performance, hahahahahahaha.

No seriously, that one rules. Also, I like the later 6th season ep "DOCTOR OF HORROR", w/ Travis Tritt and Hank Azaria and Ben Stein. Truly a weird cast and a pretty severe bit of gruesomeness when Tritt's dismembered body wanderin' around at the end.

Johnny said...

Man Who Was Death was pretty cool. I don't remember Doctor of Horror but I have season 6 on DVD so i'll have to check that out.

Stac said...

My personal fav is "Reports From the Gave", done by William Malone of House on Haunted Hill (1999) fame. It was short, eerie, and strangely sweet. I also loved the visuals. 'Twas gravy, 'twas!