Monday, June 22, 2009

Awesome Scene, Bad Movie - Mother of Tears

Like most of Argento's work (don't bash me for this!), Mother of Tears main and only assets are the few scenes of kickass gore throughout. I can't deny that there are a couple really gory and memorable scenes in this movie, but the movie as a whole did absolutely nothing at all for me. In fact, I kinda hated it. But among those few scenes that were good solely because of the blood and guts they brought to the table, one stands out for me and I think you'll understand why once you watch the following clip. Enjoy this installment of Awesome Scene, Bad Movie!

***There was some nudity that I had to take out, thus the jarring edit towards the end***

If you want to see some more cool scenes in shitty movies, check out Turistas and See No Evil!


Zacery Nova said...

Through the vagina? REALLY? That is the first orifice you choose?

Uh, okay...?

The end bit where it came out her mouth, that was cool.

Oh, and I always like it in horror flicks when someone is stabbed with a spear AND THEN they are thrown through the air, or just flipped over. Like at the start of the first Hills remake.

- Zac

Wings said...

Well... that was just horrible. Ugh.

Cins said...

Okay...NOW I know how men feel whenever they see a kick in the balls.
I'm still pretty new to Argento, I really liked Suspiria but I've heard that a lot of his movies are pretty hit or miss.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i actually think "mother of tears" is argento`s best film (i`m not kiddin`) i just wish asia had been 18 at the time of filming instead of 31 but you cant have everything i suppose.

Carl (ILHM) said...

some excellent gore here, i hate saying its my favorite scene but its true, the gore was the only saving grace in this one..