Thursday, June 4, 2009

Discussion Of The Week - Week 5

Back in the day when you were strolling around in the video store gazing at the seemingly endless supply of sun faded horror VHS' on the shelf, there were two things that could immediately draw you into a certain movie and demand you make it your selection for the night ; a good cover and/or a good tagline. Sadly, these are two things we so seldom get these days but we will always have the oldies to look back on. My question for this week is.....

What is your favorite horror movie tagline of all time?

This was not an easy one for me as there are so many great ones that come to mind and it's almost impossible to pick a favorite. Suspiria, Last House, I Spit On Your Grave, and the Hills Have Eyes remake all immediately come to my mind. But the one I ultimately have to go with is.....


"There's only one thing wrong with the Davis baby. IT'S ALIVE."

The biggest fear any parent has upon having a child is something being wrong with that child, right? I love how this tagline totally turns that thought right on its ass. The Davis baby is alive and well .... and that's the biggest nightmare of all for the parents! How fucked is that! On top of that brilliance, I also love how the movie title becomes a part of the tagline, delivering the punchline of the sick joke. Like any great tagline, this one pretty much demands that you watch the movie. What must this baby look like? What is this baby capable of?! It just begs to be seen! As proof of my point, this tagline was not attached to the film during its initial release and guess what? It was a box office flop! Three years later, it was reissued with a new ad campaign (seen here) and with this now famous tagline attached. The film became a success. Such is the power of a great tagline....

So what's your favorite? Leave a comment and lets talk about it!

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Nik Holmes said...

Wow, another cracker of a discussion! A few classics spring to mind,TCMs 'Who will Survive...' is a fave. But off the top of my head the one which really got me as a child amongst the Horror section of Starburst Video Rental Zombie Flesh Eaters 'We Are Going To EAT YOU' really used to give me the creeps. It's not clever, it's not poetic and it's certainly not subtle. But boy did it make me want to see the movie! Of course these are the levels a young mind works on, and as far as which tagline I appreciate today it's got to be The Things 'Man is the Warmest Place to Hide'. It's not a threat, or a warning, it's a statement of fact and because of that it's so chilling. If this Thing chooses you, well basically you have no say in the matter. Oof!

Cins said...

I am SO cliche but my favorite to this very day and the one that always stays in my head it "In Space, no one can hear you scream".
I don't know why, but it really gives me a punch in the gut.

Zach said...

Easy: Alien.

In space, no one can hear you scream.

It doesn't hurt that it might be my favorite horror movie of all time.

Johnny said...

Nik - Ya, I love that tagline from The Thing too. It's one of the ones I considered putting down as my favorite. So creepy.

Cindy and Zach - How bout "In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream" from Killer Klowns! ;)

Zacery Nova said...

I have an awful memory so there's probably loads that I've seen that I have then forgotten BUT I do like the one for "The Children".

"you brought them into the world...they will take you out."


I love the ones that have a pun involved in them.

- Zac

Johnny said...

That's an awesome one, Zac! First i've even heard that tagline.

Cabby said...

I always loved this one from Re-Animator

"Herbert West Has A Very Good Head On His Shoulders... And Another One In A Dish On His Desk"


"The night HE came home"

I think this one is even cooler now that the movie is considered a classic.

Johnny said...

I'm suddenly reminded of the tagline for the porno flick Re-Penetrator, which I proudly own....

"Herbest West has a very good head on his shoulders....and another one on the dick in his pants!"


Bjornabo said...

Mine has to be from "The Devils Rejects"

- Hell doesn't want them. Hell doesn't need them. Hell doesn't love them. This world rejects them.

The Warfreak said...

Well, Dawn of the Dead's immediately springs to mind "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

Plan 9's: "Horrors From Outer Space Paralyze The Living And Resurrect The Dead!" is pretty awesome.

And Hellraiser's "It will tear your soul apart." is another great one.

kaiyn said...

Mine is "They're here." from Poltergeist. This is one movie that I never get tired of watching.

Bjornabo said...

While we are on the subject of VHS-covers, I found this Awesome site while browsing the other day.

Alot of really cool looking covers.

Johnny said...

Thanks for that link Bjorn. Pretty cool site, I bookmarked it.

Anonymous said...

even though i have never seen the film, jaws 2's tagline i think is awesome:
"just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water"
there is just something about it.
also, even though it isnt a horror film, i always have loved the x-files taglines, "the truth is out there" "i want to believe" "trust no one".

Zach said...

Another personal favorite:


"Survival is the only option."

A highly underrated movie in my opinion. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

While the tagline for Re-Animator is indeed great, it is not as good as the tagline for Bride of Re-Animator:

Date. Mate. Re-Animate.

That tagline is just full of win.

- Jake

Johnny said...

Zach - I remember liking Ravenous when I watched in many years ago. I should definetly watch that one again as I really don't remember much about it at all.

Jake - I think I might have to agree that that one is even better than Re-animator's!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Jaws 2 is an EXCELLENT choice, very high on my chart and didnt expect to see it!

I somehow dont have a favorite, so now Im going to have to go back and look at every single DVD I own (thanks Johnny lol), but here are a few classics:

Trapped in time...
Surrounded by evil.
Low on gas.
-Army of Darkness

This mall will cost you an arm and a leg.
-Chopping Mall

Geof said...

Jaws the Revenge

"This Time...It's Personal!"

Cracks me up every time I see it. It's like wtf?

Johnny said...

haha ya that one always struck me as quite humorous

Cins said...

Johnny>>*LOL* Oh Crap, I TOTALLY forgot about that one! There's also the wonderfully goofy one from House "Ding-Dong you're Dead".

Isaac said...

hatchet: "It's not a remake, it's not a sequel, and it's not based on a Japanese one."

i dont think i have seen it here yet.
i think the tagline kinda breaks the 4th wall, but that makes it so awesome!!
i havent seen the film, and i didnt plan on seeing it, looked alot like a friday the 13th ripoff. but after reading about it here i might watch it tonight.

Quanthor said...

'It's Alive' is a great one!

Here's one I love..

Scandy Tangerine Man said...

Can't pick just one!

MANIAC: "I warned you not to go out tonight."

BLIND RAGE: "They're kings of kung fu. Master thieves...And BLIND!"

SLEDGEHAMMER: "Flesh tears. Bones Shatter. The nightmare has begun."

HONKY: "A love story...of HATE."

DRILLER KILLER: "There are those who kill violently!"

Scandy Tangerine Man said...

MUDHONEY: "...leaves a taste of evil!"

BLOOD FEAST: "Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!"

WINTER A-GO-GO: "Ski Buffs and Ski Babes on the Go-Go in the Snow-Snow!"

SAVAGE!: "On the sheets or in the streets, he's SAVAGE!"

Brad said...

I think it's just the classic..



jervaise brooke hamster said...

What about "HE`S FOUND HER" from "poltergeist 3" (i wish i bloodywell could). By the way johnny, have you read "Soiled Sinema`s" reveiw of "poltergeist 3"?, they even put my name on the reveiw!!!. I just wondered if you knew what was going on over at "Soiled Sinema"?, they haven`t reveiwed any films for 3 months. They always publish all my comments no matter how absurd or offensive.

Bar said...

Yeah, that's right. I'm back.

Anyway, I can't believe no one said this.


The Fly, motherfuckers. Classic shit.