Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Discussion Of The Week - Week 6

This week's discussion topic was suggested to me by loyal reader and one of my favorite commenters, Bjornabo. If anyone else out there has a topic they'd like to see discussed one week on here, feel free to e-mail me your own suggestion at! This weeks question is....

What is your favorite piece of horror memorabilia/merchandise that you own? It can be a t-shirt, a DVD, a prop, an action figure, or whatever you can think of that is in your collection that you cherish the most.

For me it's a no brainer but i'm gonna use this opportunity to show three pieces from my collection that I am most proud of. But first, my favorite of them all. It's no secret that Freddy Krueger is my guy so naturally, this bad boy is the item in my horror collection that I cherish the most .....


Yes folks that is a handcrafted metal and leather clad replica of Freddy's glove from I believe the original Elm Street. I must mention that the glove was purchased by my girlfriend Jen (who you see modeling it above) and thus it actually belongs to her, but we more or less live together at this point and what hers is mine and vice versa and besides, it resides at my house. Granted she does threaten to take it away and bring it over to her place whenever she's mad at me, but that's a whole nother story. We had been drooling over this glove at a Monster Mania convention last year but neither of us was willing to pay the $125 price tag, even though that was a bargain given it was a convention special price and the glove usually goes for $150. Towards the end of the week, Jen haggled the guy down to $100 and here it sits. Robert Englund was at that paricular convention and we had planned on taking a picture with him wearing it and getting it signed by him, but the line was way too long so we bailed on that idea. Hopefully sometime in the future that will happen. I wish I could tell ya the company that crafted this glove but I honestly don't remember and can't seem to find out that information anywhere. All I know is there are plenty of Freddy replica glove makers out there and for $100, this is about as good as it gets (it's finely detailed right down to the rips and tears on the back). So thank you Jen for fulfilling my lifelong dream of one day having Freddy's glove on my own hand!

By the way, be sure to check out Nightmare Gloves. They make the best replica Freddy gloves out there and they have one for almost every movie in the franchise. They also run for almost $300 but I guess ya pay for the best!

We can't leave the J-man out so next up we've got the first item I ever got Hancocked at my first horror convention (Horrorfind Weekend), a Part 7 Jason replica mask signed by Kane Hodder (and again, modeled by Jen)!


I would like to eventually get it signed by everyone who has played Jason but I always hesitate to do that because it'd cost about $20 per person and that's quite the committment given how many people have played him. What i'll probably do is just get it signed by them one by one as time goes on and slowly build it up rather than splurging all at once. Most of the guys who have played Jason are at every convention I go to, so I don't think it'll be hard to track them down. Then again i've met and seen most of those guys since getting this mask years ago and I never once had one of them sign it so maybe it'll never happen. I guess it's just a matter of remembering to bring it with me.

And then finally we have this mask/busts of sorts that I bought on Ebay years ago, under the title "Demon Girl Mask"....


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this mask was made in the likeness of Regan from The Exorcist and was named simply Demon Girl to avoid licensing/copyright issues. Kinda like those plastic Freddy gloves that are bootlegged and packaged up as "Fright Gloves". This was another $100 purchase but well worth every penny for the amount of detail put into it. You can't really wear it as a mask unless you have a pinhead (and there are no eye holes anyway), but it makes an awesome room decoration when displayed as a bust. I've had many people ask me how I sleep at night with this thing staring down at me!

So what are you favorite pieces of horror merch that you own? Leave a comment and let know!


Zacery Nova said...

Alas, I don't really own any horror merchandise (I'm young, forgive me!) but I am quite attached to my Planet Terror and Wrong Turn 2 posters...

Oh! And I have a Mystery Machine tin lunchbox that is on my shelf, I love that!

- Zac

J. Astro said...

1. My die-cast model of Stephen King/John Carpenter's 'Christine'. She cost $80 and I had to order her from the U.K., but she' a beauty.

2. CBS 'Twilight Zone' lobby card, which actually hung on the set of "THE TWILIGHT ZONE MOVIE". My ma found this at an auction and it hangs proudly over the door of my movie room closet, a minor, tasteful relic of years past.

3. framed "FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES" poster. It's not an original, just a reprint, but it looks sharp hanging in a position of prominence in my "screening room", and it simply, yet boldly, represents my favorite movie of all time.

*runner-up? Dr, Channard Cenobite action figure, from NECA's "HELLRAISER" series. Complete with the giant worm/base thingie and interchangeable head & hand attachments, this represents, to me, the ultimate in semi-obscure collectible decadence. He used to proudly ride atop my old entertainment center; he now lives a quiet life tucked away in a relatively dust-free Rubbermaid tote with my other Hellraiser guys and other general horror figs. :)

**second runner up? "THEM (ILS)" stress-ball; another find from my ma at a different auction. It's from a UK press-release publicity kit. It's a simple black stressball with the film's logo and tagline emblazoned on it. The film itself left me with tepid "eh, whatever' feelings, but this stress-ball has provided hours of diversion and angry squeezing/ aggression release while I'm at work, dealing with the stupid, babbling peasants who harass me on my customer service line every day.

Johnny said...

Some real nice stuff ya got there. For some reason I love all those little promotional items and the thought of a Them stress ball really amuses me. Reminds me that I have a Cabin Fever blood stained promotional doctor's face guard thingy that i'm pretty proud of!

The Warfreak said...

I don't have any replicas or anything like that, but I am attached to my Evil Dead: Book of the Dead that I had auto'd by Bruce Campbell, my Dawn of the Dead (original) poster book signed by Tom Savini, and my Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition DVD signed by George A. Romero. Those are things that I'll never sell and alway treasure, mainly because I personally got them signed.

Wings said...

Very cool items everyone has!!!

Mine are the 1/4 scale Jason statue I won a few years back from Sideshow Collectibles. Pic Here Just love it.

And my Seasons 1 & 2 of "Friday the 13th: The Series". Waited SO long for them that I cherish them now. Hope Season 3 is out ASAP!

Zach said...

I think for now, my adoration has to go with my Evil Things pack. I really like the evidence bags and such. But my opinion changes pretty regularly on this subject. I also really like my Gizmo doll from Gremlins.

Johnny said...

Warfreak - I've always wanted those Book of the Dead DVD's. Are the contents inside worth it or are they mainly worth picking up for the cases alone?

Wings - You actually won a Sideshow contest, eh?! They're always giving away such awesome and expensive stuff. Very jealous!

Zach - The Evil Things pack is proudly hanging on my wall =) And I used to own a Gizmo doll, but I can't find it!

Wings said...

Johnny: Yeah, I won it, but it was a big hassle to get it. They at first didn't respond when I wrote and said it was my name on the page of winners. Then they kept putting me off. Finally, I flipped and wrote an email that... uh, got their attention. Packaged arrived soon after. Never went back to enter any of their other contests, though.

Bjornabo said...

Thanks for using my suggestion Johnny.

My Favorite item has to be this:

My Tall, Dark And Grusome book signed By Mr. Christopher Lee himself.. :-)

Johnny said...

You and your love of Hammer! I'm assuming you met him?

Carl (ILHM) said...

Dude Johnny I have that same EXACT mask, probably bought it from the same seller at the convention, did you grab yours from Sean Clark? My favs:

NotLD poster signed by Romero and the entire surviving cast

Lament Configuration replica signed by Doug Bradley, Clive, and Ashley Laurence

The entire Puppet Master 1:1 replica set

Sorry man it was hard enough to narrow it to three lol

Johnny said...

Carl - The Jason mask? I honestly have no idea who I even got it from it was so long ago. By the way, i've wanted one of the Hellraiser puzzle boxes for so long! Someday I will own one!

Bjornabo said...

Nope, sorry to say Johnny I have not. I whould sure love to thou.

I actually bought the book from some norwegian auction site. And it was not cheap..

Guess said...

Since I'm not old enough to bye these merchandise myself, my collection is rather limited consisting of a nightmare on elm street signed trading card, a Ash (Army of Darkness) action figure and an Army of Darkness poster all of which I treasure equally.