Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discussion of the Week - Week 8

Sometimes, a horror movie finishes exactly the way you want it to ; with utter and complete satisfaction and closure. It doesn't happen often but when it does, it feels pretty damn good. What is the most satisfying ending to a horror movie you've ever seen?

For me, it doesn't get much better than


I'm sure you've gathered by now that i'm a huge fan of Eli Roth. Many in the horror community seem to like to bash him, and I really can't understand why. His movies kick ass, period. All of them. What's not to like? One of my favorite things about Hostel, Roth's "Miike film", is that pretty much all of the bad guys/girls in it end up getting brutally killed. Paxton's would be killer gets his leg chainsawed off by his own hand (Leatherface style) and then his brains blown out. The chicks who led the guys to Elite Hunting get hit by a car and then run over. The American businessman who torched Kana's eye out gets shot. The bald Elite Hunting heavy gets his head caved in with the blunt end of a rock (wielded by a child no less). All of those scenes are those "fuck ya" moments where you, as an audience, cannot help but grit your teeth and jump for joy at the sweet bloody justice that is going down on screen. Naturally, Hostel ends on one of these notes too with Paxton eviscerating the Dutch businessman aka Edward Saladhands. I honestly did not see it coming and I couldn't have been happier that Roth decided to take that route. When Paxton got on the train at the end and it pulled out of the station, I thought the movie was gonna end there. Then when he heard the Dutch businessman talking on the train, I though it was gonna cut to black there. And then when he followed the dude into the bathroom, closed the door behind him, and turned the "open" sign to "closed" I was SURE it was ending on that note, with us never really seeing exactly what goes down but knowing that Saladhands got his just desserts. But Eli Roth always seems to give us exactly what we fucking want and never shies away from showing us the things we want to see most and thus, we get to see the complete and brutal murder of the Dutch businessman. It's one of the greatest endings to a horror film ever and it sure as hell is, for me, the most satisfying. And how poetic is it that Paxton cuts off the dudes fingers, the same fingers Pax himself had chainsawed off earlier in the film? Three cheers for sweet revenge!


Leave a comment and let me know your pick for most satisfying horror movie ending!

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Bjornabo said...

My Pick has to be "The Devils Rejects" Driving "into the sunset" While Free Bird plays on the radio and the bullets shatter your body.. Just brilliant in my book...

Johnny said...

Ya that might be the best horror movie ending of all time. Was sad to see them go (why was I sad, they were killers!) but it was definetly satisfying.

Zacery Nova said...

Hostel is a softcore porn with three, unoriginal shots of gore. Hostel 2 meanwhile is a work of art - the characters are brilliant & the gore works.

I've picked a few 'cause I cannot decide:

- Amanda slamming the door on the detective in Saw 2 whilst the theme tune plays she murmurs: "GAME OVER."

- The Village. I really enjoyed the twist ending in this one.

- All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. I won't spoil the first twist but it was just...perfect. Oh, and the second one was alright too.


Zach said...

Well, you know my feelings on Eli Roth, but I don't mind Hostel. There were some great things in there and I agree the bad guys getting theirs in the end was gratifying.

I think my very favorite would have to be Let the Right One In. The pool scene is one of the best scenes in the last 10 years (especially in horror) and watching those bullies get theirs was brilliant. And the final shot of the train with Oskar tapping on Eli's hiding place is just amazing. It's such an intense and gratifying way to end a nearly perfect movie.

Johnny said...

Yesss thank you for mentioning that. One of the most incredible endings to a movie ever. I get chills everytime.

Soap Magic said...

My idea of a satisfying ending is an ending that leaves you with your mouth wide open in shock. Here are my favorite horror movie endings:

[REC]: The last part is just so suspenseful. It's an awesome ending to an awesome film.

High Tension: This movie gets a lot of crap for its twist ending, but I thought it was cool. I love it when characters have multiple personalities.

Ghostwatch: Ghostwatch was a special that aired on BBC One on Halloween 1992. It was a fake ghost hunt, but viewers thought it was real and freaked out. I can see why. At the end, the ghost becomes powerful because the program was like a "national seance". I don't want to spoil it, but what comes next is very terrifying.

Has anyone else seen Ghostwatch? It's not something that most Americans are aware of.

Johnny said...

REC's ending was terrifying! Loved it.

I love High Tension but I didn't like the twist ending. Would've been much cooler if it really was the dude going after the two chicks. I'm not a big fan of the multiple personalities angle.

As for Ghostwatch, have never even heard of it but that sounds awesome. I'll have to try and seek out a copy.

Carl (ILHM) said...

LTROI was an excellent call.. My top picks:

Devils Rejects
Friday the 13th

I dare anyone to top The Wicker Man though.

Quanthor said...

I'm gonna have to say 'Rosemary's Baby'.

The suspense was brilliantly laid out by Polanski. I love the scene of her wandering through the halls in search of the crying baby looking at all the demonic paintings.

She then finds her way into a big open room equipped with knife where a gathering and celebration of the birth of Satan's child is transpiring.

She peers inside the craddle, gasps and shrieks in horror "HIS EYES"!!!

They explain to here the truth of the matter followed by chants of "HAIL SATAN!". "GOD IS DEAD, SATAN LIVES!".

Completely disillusioned, Rosemary becomes speechless as the party continues until she hears the baby cry once again as if the child was calling out to her.

She approaches the craddle with ease and is persuaded to become the child's mother.

Looking deep with sensitivity into the hellish eyes of the demon infant, the mass joins Rosemary to witness the acceptance of her as the child's mother.


Sorry, Johnny I didn't mean to write up the whole damn thing but it's just so incredible that I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Live for films said...

Ghostwatch was a brilliant BBC programme. All played for real with Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and possibly Craig Charles (Red Dwarf) if memory serves.

Not sure if it was ever released on DVD, but great watching something that was advertised as a proper current affairs programme suddenly go all supernatural and weird.

Lan Mordreth said...

My favorite would have to be the new Last House on the Left. Similar to Hostel with all the bad guys getting it in the end, but the final scene, between the dad and the leader bad guy... Just awesome.

Johnny said...

Totally agree about Last House '09 being a satisfying and awesome flick, but something about that final scene didn't sit well with me. It seemed like too silly of a kill scene in such a realistic movie. Wish they had done something different there but maybe that's just me.

the posturing (and admittedly rather irritating) little popinjay said...

the greatest ending in the history of cinema is to james william guercio`s 1973 cult item "electra glide in blue" (thats one of the greatest titles of all time as well), now with regards to horror movies with memorable endings here are a few that come to mind: evil dead 2, bride of chucky, final destination, existenze, and of course fulci`s the beyond.

frankie said...

Okay, I know this post is old. I'm really tired and I'm not sure if there's another, more recent version. Sorry if there is. But...

What about Poltergeist? Maybe it sat with me because I was nine when I saw it. The hotel scene at the very end, rolling the TV out? It freakin' terrified me.

Guess said...

I agree with you 1,000,000,000,000 percent Hostel has the most satisfying ending ever. Which the sequel ruins by killing the surviving character and introducing a new character who get lucky for being rich.

Eric Flapjack Ashley said...

I really loved the ending to HALLOWEEN: H2O. Finally chopping off the head, then the classic original theme kicking in?! Brilliant.