Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even More Horror Look-alikes!

***For more eerie horror look-alikes, click HERE & HERE!***

Once again, thanks to the awesome site Totally Looks Like and the users over there who submitted these. Head over there if you want to vote on these and thousands of other look-alikes or even submit your own!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Totally Looks Like The Breakfast Club

The Beef Jerky Bigfoot Totally Looks Like Madman Marz

Phil Spector Totally Looks Like Pennywise

Phil Spector Totally Looks Like Riff Raff

Pope Benedict XVI Totally Looks Like Reverend Kane

Gnaw Totally Looks Like Dying Breed

roman emperor Lucius Verus Totally Looks Like The Wolfman

***This one (below) was also pointed out by my pal Zac over at Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies?, who did a post (click link to see it) on similar horror poster art as a response to the post I made on the whole Babysitter Wanted conspiracy***

The Ruins Totally Looks Like Swamp Devil

Dead in 3 Days  Totally Looks Like Dead Winter

Aaaaand finally....

miley cyrus, the thing


Brian Churilla said...

That Phil Spector mugshot is terrifying.

fatb0t said...

I always wondered what drew me to Miley Cyrus, it's now that I realize I'm not attracted to her nearly as much as I am terrified of her. I wonder if Miley has any shape shifting abilities.

Jeremy said...

I was prowling around the Interweb looking for pictures of Pope Benedict to side-by-side with Reverend Kane. I stumbled in here and found the work already done. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it!

Anonymous said...

Ever think of how Reggie (Reggie Bannister) from the Phantasm series resembles Duke (Ed Lauter) from Magic and probably a few other films? If non-horror is being considered Patrick Stewart could also be thrown into the mix; All 3 are bald or balding, have similar skin-tone and facial shape, smallish eyes...

Johnny said...

Good call, there's definetly a similarity between Bannister and Lauter!