Monday, June 29, 2009

LUNCHMEAT - A Horror VHS Fanzine


One of the perks that comes with being a horror blogger is that every so often I get sent some free shit. People send over movies or products with the hopes that I will like them and talk about them on here. Sometimes I do like their stuff, other times I don't. Well the other day I received an e-mail from a dude by the name of Josh Schafer who offered up a copy of his horror zine (meaning a self published magazine) called LUNCHMEAT. He essentially described it as an ode to the glory days of horror on VHS, with particular attention paid to those many horror flicks which have never and probably will never (in most cases) come to DVD. Being that i'm one of those guys who loves and still collects horror movies on VHS (in fact I just bought one in the city from a homeless dude the other night titled Vampires & Other Stereotypes!), I figured this would be right up my alley and told him i'd love to check it out. Now i'll be honest, I didn't really expect much. Most of the zines i've seen are poorly and cheaply made as nothing more than a quickly slapped together attempt to make a few bucks off content that most people wouldn't even read for free. But I got issue #3 of LUNCHMEAT in the mail the other day and I gotta say, it's fucking awesome. It's one of those things that reminds me why I fell in love with the horror genre in the first place and takes me right back to the days of perusing the video aisles for the next gory treasure as a youngin. And in case you're wondering, no, I don't just hype up a product because I get sent it for free. I will only speak highly of products/movies that I truly think highly of. That being established, back to the awesomeness that is LUNCHMEAT!

The best way I can describe LUNCHMEAT is that it's a totally passionate love note to the horror on VHS world, a world that I myself am incredibly passionate about. The front and back inside covers are adorned with classic VHS covers and the inside pages (30+) chock full of reviews of obscure not out on DVD titles as well as interviews, articles, and even a crossword puzzle (for prizes!). It is incredibly clear by taking one look at the mag that it's a complete labor of love on behalf of not only Josh but his entire staff of writers and contributors. Not only is LUNCHMEAT well written and full of great content, but it's also incredibly well put together, shockingly so for a low budget self published magazine. The front and back covers are made of thick glossy paper and are emblazoned with kickass original artwork. If you saw this zine on the shelves of your local bookstore, you would not for a second think it looked out of place. It would fit right in with all the big name big budget mags and I for one feel like that's eventually where it will find its way. If you're a lover of horror VHS like myself, you NEED to check out LUNCHMEAT.

So how do you do that? If you want to subscribe for a full year (4 issues per year, plus surprise treats), you can go ahead and send $30 to :

710 Glendalough Rd.
Erdenheim, PA 19038

You may pay by check, money order, or well concealed cash. Be sure to specify which issue you would like to start with and include your name, address, and e-mail address. You can also make the payment via Paypal to

But you probably want to check the mag out for yourself before you take the plunge and subscribe, eh? A single issue will run you $8 ($9 to Canada/Mexico, and $11 to everywhere else) and you can pick that up by sending that money to the same address above (snail mail or Paypal) along with the issue you'd like to receive (#3 is the newest one and the only one available at the moment...the first two are out of print/sold out). You do save a few bucks by subscribing so that is the better deal and trust me, if you're into obscure horror, you'll love the magazine and will want more of it, so don't worry about being dissapointed by it. The $30 is well worth it, mark my words.

Feel free to drop the guys an e-mail at if you have any questions/concerns. And check out LUNCHMEAT on MySpace for more info!

Re-animate your VCR and get in on the fun today!


Zacery Nova said...

*Sigh* I love zines.

- Zac

Johnny said...

Know of any other good horror related ones?

Zacery Nova said...

Well, there's this one called:

"Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies?"

- it's 3 sheets (5 sides), it's meant to be incredible. It'll probably change your life :D

Seriously, I don't read too many horror ones - I like personal zines. They're amazing to read.

- Zac

Johnny said...

Send me a copy why don't ya ;)

Zacery Nova said...

Email me your address & I will.


- Zac

Andrew Culture said...

I'm amazed there aren't loads more horror zines!

Andrew Culture
My Zine Distro (CornDog Publishing)
My button badge/ custom band merch thing

Scandy Tangerine Man said...

Thank you so much. I was completely in the dark on this.
Anyone who has a new interview with one of the Prior brothers is a fucking hero in my book.

William Weird ("The Bearded Weirdo Reviews Guy") said...

Great zine. I have issues 2 and 3. I'm so bummed that I missed the first one.