Friday, June 12, 2009

More Horror Look-alikes!

Being that it seems to (unintentionally) be look-alike week here on Freddy In Space, I thought i'd rifle through the Totally Looks Like vault and bring you guys some more eerie horror dopplegangers! Just as a little note before we begin ; I did not come up with these, they were submitted by various members of Totally Looks Like (but if you do want to see one I did make, check out the post below!). To see more look-alikes, rate on them, or submit your own, click the link above! Enjoy!

lil wayne totally looks like trilogy of terror zuni doll

clay aiken, american idol, chucky

Rep. Henry Waxman Totally Looks Like Phantom of the Opera

A Xenomorph Totally Looks Like A CAT5 Cable Stripper

matt dillon, wild things, frankenstein, mary shelley

Heroes poster, nbc,The Ring poster

Pamela Anderson Totally Looks Like Bride of Chucky

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jennifers body poster totally looks like true blood poster

Ah what the hell, i've got a few minutes. I'm headed off to a Blues Traveler concert in a bit and i'm kinda in a rush but I want to quickly whip a look-alike up that I don't think is on the Totally Looks Like site. At least I couldn't seem to find it. These two look so much alike that the first time I saw Re-Animator, I actually thought it was John Kerry himself!

funny pictures


Geof said...

Yeah I'm glad you posted that - I thought I was the only one who thought Hill and Kerry looked alike.

Carl (ILHM) said...

sweet finds, True Blood = whores

BJ-C said...

thats where i got my image for the avon derma full looking like the t-virus.

Jenn said...

Lots of folks say I look like Faruza Balk from The Craft. I should do a look a like photo side by side. She's hot, I always take that as a compliment.

Rachel said...

LOL Pamela Anderson as Chucky's bride is brilliant... Imagine that