Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The ROBOGEISHA Trailer Is Here!


As I mentioned in my Tokyo Gore Night recap post the other night, director Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl) cut together an awesome trailer for his new flick ROBOGEISHA, specially for The New York Asian Film Festival, and today it has landed on YouTube! If you're a fan of Machine Girl and/or Tokyo Gore Police, you're gonna love this trailer, which I will let speak for itself!

Thanks to YouTube user DoctorExploitation for uploading this video!

ROBOGEISHA opens this coming Fall. You can head over to Robogeisha.com to keep up to date on the latest goings on with it.


Monkeymanbob said...

I do hope this gets a UK release, looks as mad as a bag of monkey's

the jaded viewer said...

Looks crazier than Machine Girl and that's saying something.