Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten More Horror Flicks You Should Instantly Watch On Netflix!

Since the insta-view selection on the 'flix is ever growing and ever changing, I figured it was time for a new edition of the Ten Horror Flicks You Should Instantly Watch On Netflix post I made a while back. I could just as easily make a 100 Horror Flicks You Shouldn't Instantly Watch On Netflix post, given their vast amounts of shitty titles, but there are a few gems in there that I wanted to bring to your attention. Click the links to be taken directly to the page where you can watch the movies free with your Netflix account. If you don't already have an account, sign up for a free one month trial and start watching these movies right now!


30 Days of Night

For some reason I wasn't expecting much from this movie and it reallllly surprised me. For one, it provided some seriously badass gore (Hartnett's axe vs vampires neck!!!) and for two, it solidified for me the fact that Ben Foster is the greatest actor of our generation. The man can do it all. Don't be fooled by the fact that Josh Hartnett is in this movie and don't be hesitant to watch it because you're sick of vampires, because it's a really kickass movie. And for the record, horror + snowy setting = gold.


Grindhouse : Double Feature

I've said it before and i'll say it again ; the experience of watching Grindhouse will never be as enjoyable or memorable as it was in the theatre. If you missed checking it out during its run, I truly feel sorry for ya and can't help but feel like you'll never fully appreciate it. That being said, this is probably the next best thing. Netflix brings ya the whole bloody affair, all 3 hours and 11 minutes worth, in one shot and complete with all the fake trailers throughout. This is something that we haven't even gotten on DVD here in the states yet and we may never get for that matter. Planet Terror and Death Proof are also available to instantly watch seperately.


Jack Brooks : Monster Slayer

This movie is just plain fun, and that's all it strives to be. It's a monster filled throwback to the days when horror was original, CGI-less, and again, FUN. Finally Robert Englund takes on another meaty role in a good horror movie, as opposed to his small cameos in shitty ones of late.


The Last Horror Film

Troma just released the director's cut of this movie a few weeks back and if i'm not mistaken, this is that director's cut. If you liked Maniac, this one's for you. Joe Spinell once again proves that he is perhaps the king of sleazy horror in this highly enjoyable blood soaked romp through the Cannes Film Festival. Most of Troma's titles are available for instant viewing, in fact. Only thing is, unless it's been cleared up, the audio seems to be out of sync with the video on most if not all of their titles on Netflix instant watch. Hopefully this will be cleared up shortly if it hasn't been yet.


Let The Right One In

I've waxed on about this one more than a few times already so all I will say is ; if you haven't already witnessed it, I strongly urge you take a couple hours out of your night and give this movie a viewing. It is in my opinion one of the best movies in the last decade and the opportunity to watch it free and right this instant is one you should not pass up.


Maniac Cop Trilogy

I've only seen the first and second Maniac Cop, and I actually liked the second better, but both are worth checking out and i'm sure the third is too if it's anything like the first two. Robert Z'Dar's Matt Cordell (aka the titular Maniac Cop) is a severely underrated slasher villain who's got an awesome and complex backstory and kicks some serious Terminator style ass. Keep your eyes peeled for a very brief early career appearance from Danny Trejo as what else, a prisoner, in Maniac Cop 2!


Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Forget Night of the Living Dead 3D, this is the only film other than Romero's with this title that you should be watching. This is the only feature length movie makeup effects legend Tom Savini has directed in his career and I can venture to guess that the reason he never did anything else was by his own choice, not because he didn't have the chops. Dare I say i'd probably even choose this version of NOTLD (which was written by Romero himself) over the original on most days. Direct another movie, Savini! Makeup effect another movie too while you're at it!



Fulci's movies are not always good, but you can usually expect to see some of the most jaw dropping gore scenes you've ever seen in your life. Zombie is definetly gore over substance and the moments where there isnt any blood or guts on screen tend to get a bit boring, but this is absolutely must see cinema for the horror fan all the same. From a sharp piece of wood going straight into a woman's eye to a zombie fighting and taking a bite out of a shark, Zombie is a highly memorable and highly brutal ride. The fact that such impressive effects were pulled off way back in 1979 is truly amazing.


The Warfreak said...

I'd agree with everything except for 30 Days of Night. The comics are good, but the movie blew nuts.



Wings said...

Cool. Added a couple to my Instant Queue, thanks for the tips!

Bjornabo said...

I have seen al of theese except The Last Horror Movie, and they are all great (in their own way).

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, I am missing a few of those. Thanks for sharing the info. Look forward to expanding my collection.


Cins said...

I did a write up on 30 days of night Book vs the movie. http://creepykitch.blogspot.com/2009/06/30-days-of-night-book-vs-movie.html
I kinda wish I didn't read the comic first because I think i would have enjoyed the film more. But I DO agree. AWESOME VAMPIRES!

Let the right one in=Brilliant!

Grindhouse=Favorite movie theater experience to date

Night of the Living Day=One of the better horror remakes for sure.

Zombie and Jack Brooks Monster Slayer are currently sitting in my Cue:)

the jaded viewer said...

Jack Brooks is the sleeper hit of 2008. There are talks of a sequel as well.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Great list, seen um all though sad face, but I do have an awesome instant list planned ahead on Netflix, my top two right now are Frankensteins Bloody Terror and Boy Eats Girl, yay netflix!