Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You Pick The Night of the Creeps DVD Cover Art!

Earlier this month it was announced to much fanfare that the 1986 cult classic, Night of the Creeps, was finally getting its long awaited DVD release. Believe it or not, the flick has only ever been available on VHS! But in October of this very year, that is all going to change when the movie is not only unleashed on DVD, but is also going to come with a whole shit ton of special features including :

•Birth of the Creeps featurette featuring Dekker talking about the origins of the project
•Cast of the Creeps featurette featuring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall, and Jill Whitlow
•Creating the Creeps featurette featuring interviews with SFX creators David B. Miller and Robert Kurtzman
•A special Tom Atkins-centric piece called Tom Atkins: Man of Action
•Escape of the Creeps featurette providing a detailed look at the post-production
•Deleted scenes
•Trivia track
•Fred Dekker solo commentary
•Cast commentary featuring Atkins, Whitlow, Marshall, and Lively
•The original theatrical ending
•And footage from the aforementioned Cast and Crew reunion screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.

But the reason i'm typing away at the keyboard right now is to let you know that the fate of the cover art for the release is entirely in YOUR hands. There are as of now three possible ways it can go. The art that gets the most number of votes will become the official cover art for the October release!

Here are your three options :







It's currently a close race between #1 and #3, with #2 gaining considerably less votes and seemingly being out of the running at this point. My personal pick was #3, which is as of now in second place. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE! You have until July 12th to do so.

You can pre-order your copy of Night of the Creeps on DVD for $17.99 by clicking here.

And if you just can't wait and want to watch the movie right this instant, you can do so on FEARnet!


Bjornabo said...

The first cover is by far the coolest. The third cover is in my opionon to "New-looking". A movie that was released in 1986 should have a "VHS-look" on its cover.

But on the other hand the third cover is going to sell alot more DVD`s because people (who`s not a horror-fan" might think it`s a new movie.

Anonymous said...

Where do I vote "All 3 are shit and go with original poster art"?

The Frog Queen said...

I agree with Bjornabo. The first is the best....but knowing marketing people...the third one would be the logical choice.

Off to FEARnet to check it out.


Tower Farm said...

I'm with Anonymous... but if I have to choose, I am going with #1. Glad this is getting released and I wish I had not bought a crappy bootleg at Screamfest last year.


Johnny said...

I agree that the cover should have a more "VHS look" to it, but I just don't really care for #1. I don't really care for any of them all that much to be honest but the third's kinda cool.

Geof said...

I am not a fan of any cover art versions, but I would have to say #1 is the best of this bunch.