Friday, July 3, 2009

233 Years Old & Still (Barely) Kickin!


Don't worry, this is not an entirely pointless post where I just say Happy Fourth of July and then bail on ya. There's a reason i'm on here right now and it's primarily to tell you that Fright Rags just kicked off their Independence Day sale, which will run through this weekend only. For the next two days, a handful of their shirts will be discounted by almost 30%, making them a mere $11.95!



So what are you (Americans) planning on doing to celebrate today? I just kicked off the day by watching King Ralph, which I suppose is an all American flick, despite the fact that it's about John Goodman becoming the King of England. Go figure. I think i'll have to watch Joe Dante's Masters of Horror episode 'Homecoming' at some point today, due to the fact that Pax over at Billy Loves Stu brought it back to my attention yesterday with a nice little post on it he did, which can be found on the Hit List on the sidebar to your right. Check it out! Or hell, maybe i'll watch Uncle Sam or any of the other horror flicks that are America based (or at least have the word America/American in the title) ; like the ones BJ-C over at Day of the Woman just blogged about! Alright, that's enough shameless plugging for today.

Happy Fourth of July! Now go drink the shitty economy and the war and your whole miserable life away. And then come back here to nurse your hangover with some cool content including a new discussion of the week, some horror VHS finds I just made, and even a new contest for a top secret prize!


willy jerk-off said...

if i had a tee-shirt depicting "THE GATE" i`d just want it to be a nude picture of christa denton she was so gorgeous.

Pax Romano said...

Thanks for the shout out.

Zacery Nova said...

Ha! That Hills Have Eyes image is perfect :D

- Zac

Jason Takes Portland said...

I lent a friend a copy of the book American Psycho, is that patriotic?