Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cinema of Fear Series 4 Now Available at Toys R Us!

I had heard a few weeks back that Toys R Us was gonna be stocking series 4 of Mezco's Cinema of Fear series, but I was nonetheless still shocked when I walked into the local Toys R Us in my area and actually saw them sitting there on the shelf! In the past i've always had to wait for conventions or hit up specialty stores or the internet to pick up action figures like these, but it looks like they're finally becoming more mainstream and I couldn't be happier. Needless to say, being able to waltze into Toys R Us and see an action figure of 'Roach Girl' from Dream Master perched on the shelf just about made my year. I picked up afformentioned Roach Girl but before we get into her, lets take a quick look at the other two figures in the Cinema of Fear series 4 line.

We've got Jason Voorhees from Friday Part 3, complete with axe, machete, severed arm, and an alternate head :


And 'Nurse Freddy' (he beat ya to it, Joker), also from Dream Master, with bonesaw, alternate head, and even the famous 'soul food' pizza from the flick!


My buddy Tony over at Benevolent Street did an awesome review of the Jason in this series, video included, so definetly check that out here if you want to get a closer more in depth look at it.

Kickass figures of both Freddy and Jason but we've seen a million plastic incarnations of those guys before. The real standout in the series for me is Debbie Stevens and it was simply impossible to resist. The scene that this figure is depicting is one of my favorite scenes from all of the Elm Street flicks and it's one that's always stood out for me since my days as a young Freddy obsessed little creep. If you would have told me then that i'd someday own a figure of Roach Girl and that i'd be picking it from Toys R Us no less, I sure as hell would not have believed you! Check this baby out, complete with severed arms, full roach arms, and a roach trap to boot!


As much as i'd love to take her out of the package and snap you some photos of her totally assembled and up close and personal (which you can see here), my days of opening figures are behind me. I think they look much cooler hanging on my wall in the packaging and besides, once they're opened, they just sit on the shelf collecting dust. And for that matter, they usually end up falling behind the shelf, never to be seen again. So i've found it best to just keep them sealed. It's also nice to bring them to conventions and get them signed. I was actually just at a convention not long ago that Brooke Theiss (Roach Girl) attended, and i'm hoping I can catch her again to get this Hancocked. At that point, my life will be just a little more complete.

Head over to Toys R Us today and pick these babys up! They go for $14.99 a piece and i'd say they're well worth the price tag. Job well done yet again, Mezco. It's so cool to see companies like Mezco making not only figures of horror icons in alternate scene specific attires but also going so far as to even make more minor characters from the films that normally would be getting no such treatment. All I can say is....



kaiyn said...

That's pretty kickass!
I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that my local comic shop has Roach Girl in stock. They did have the Friday the 13th 2009 a while back, so I have high hopes!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Thats awesome, I never thought I would see the day when Roach Girl got her own figure!

Zacery Nova said...


Ugh, I want them so bad, they're gorgeous. But I have lost all innocence and imagination, so I wouldn't play with them...they'd just gather dust.