Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Discussion of the Week - Gross Out Moments!

This week's discussion question was inspired by me rewatching a particular horror film the other day, which I will get to in a second. But first, the question at hand....

What is, in your opinion, the absolute grossest horror movie moment?

The film that inspired this topic and the one that is of course my personal answer to the question, you ask?


David Cronenberg is the king of gross out horror and The Fly perhaps his most disgusting piece of work. There are countless scenes in The Fly that make me squirm in my seat (even moreso in Blu-ray, which is the format I watched it in the other day) but there's one that has always stuck out for me. It's not Seth Brundle's nails and body parts falling off, it's not him breaking a man's arm in a game of arm wrestling gone horribly wrong, and it's not even the fully transformed Brundlefly spitting up on that dude's hand and ankle. No, no. The grossest moment from The Fly for me tops all of those put together. Geena Davis' character has just found out that Seth Brundle's fly sperm has gotten her pregnant and she wants to swat that ungodly creation as soon as possible. What comes out of her during the abortion? It aint a human baby, that's for sure!


*Give your thanks to YouTube for not allowing me to upload the video clip of this!*

See it's not really the bloody or gory moments in horror movies that gross me out and in fact, I rarely am even grossed out by stuff in movies. But this one has always gotten to me for whatever reason....and i'm a man! I can't imagine how disturbing this scene must be for a woman to watch! You know something vile and disgusting is gonna come out of her, but nothing can prepare you for what actually does. This is one of those movie moments where what the director can imagine is far grosser than what your mind can imagine, which I guess is usually the case with Cronenberg. Of course it ends up that this scene was merely a dream sequence, but that doesn't change the fact that it's seriously fucked up! You can bet your ass that when Jen's lying on the table ready to pop out our demon seed, i'm fully gonna expect to see this thing wiggle out of her. Give me a tard, give me a mutant, but please for the love of god, God, don't give me a squirmy maggot bug sack thing!

Leave a comment and let me know your personal pick for grossest horror movie moment!

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OMGSeriously said...

Without getting extra girly sir lol I'm a woman and I have a stronger stomach than most guys I know and I'm mostly friends with men. Anyways lol um not much grosses me out except well things like vomit and feces so that being said my moment(s) are whenever Regan in the exorcist would vomit or that scene where she um fornicated herself with the crucifix. As the proud owner of a vag I can never NOT cringe I see that.

Johnny said...

I'm with ya on the crucifix masturbation scene. As a man that was pretty painful so again, can't imagine how painful that must be for a woman to see!

kaiyn said...

Most cringe worthy, I'll go with the crucifix masturbation scene. Grossest? These weren't so much gross as they were squirm inducing.

1. The scene in Ghost Ship where the two guys find out they're eating maggots is pretty damn nasty.
2. The dangling eye on the Asian girl in Hostel.
3. The shaving scene in Cabin Fever. I knew what was going to happen, but still squirmed anyway.

Johnny said...

Oh man, the shaving scene from Cabin Fever. No matter how many times I see it, I still can't help but cringe!

Zacery Nova said...

Seriously? "Cabin Fever" & "Hostel"?

ANYWAY, I don't watch movies to be grossed out, I like to gasp at amazing gore FX but the end sequence in "Evil Dead" was pretty blech. Especially on the bigscreen.

Also, there was a little moment in the film P2 where the girl grasped through some bars on a gate for her mobile phone (which was on the the other side) and she accidentally pulled her fingernail off and it looked VERY realistic. It hasn't bothered me in films when that happened before but for some reason this made me gag a bit.

I've actually torn off two toenails and three fingernails in the past (I'm very careless apparently), but they grew back!

Johnny said...

Zac, what's wrong with Hostel and Cabin Fever?

And yes, the fingernail rip off thing always gets me too. It's kinda being overdone in horror movies lately, but it's almost always effective. I too tore off a toe nail just last year and it was pretty horrific! Did thankfully grow right back like yours and is not even noticeable anymore.

Zacery Nova said...

I saw Hostel 2 first and it was BRILLIANT. The first Hostel & Cabin Fever are kind of...crap.

But I won't get into that.

It's so weird because my sister was chasing me round the house (it was a game, or something) and I hit my foot on a door. But it didn't hurt or anything, I sat down - drank some water. Looked down and there was blood EVERYWHERE. On the carpet, on the paper on the floor, on my jeans. But it didn't hurt...
But the blood set me screaming, thank Earth my Mum's a former nurse.

The Frog Queen said...

I have to say.....that recently I saw Inside - the french horror movie about a woman stalking another pregnant woman and eventually cutting the baby out.

Although if pressed to remember I might think of something worse. But right now, yeah, it is going to take a long time to get that sceene of about 20 gallons of blood running down the stairs,


Johnny said...

Zac - It certaintly hurt when I bashed my toenail on the edge of a couch while trying to move it! Bled a bunch right away and was hanging by a few threads for weeks before I finally yanked it off. Ouch.

Froq Queen - That was indeed quite brutal! By the way, give me your e-mail. I've got something to send ya!

Bjornabo said...

My moment might not be that gross for most people but in my opinion it is.

It has to be the braces scene from "The Dentist".

First of all I had braces when I saw this movie for the first time and I hate going to the dentist.

I can say that after seeing this movie it did not get any better.

OMGSeriously said...

@ The Frog Queen lol ugh when that guy hit her in her stomach and all that blood and everything else just gushed out that made grossed me even more than seeing the baby being cut out and her just being left there *shudders*

The Warfreak said...

I'd say the "intestine vomit" scene in City of the Living Dead would be on my list.

Just recently watched Yuzna's Society, and there's a crazy scene at the end that would count as demented, I think.

Zach said...

A simple scene is the one that does it to me every time:

Stir of Echoes, when the girl is getting raped, there is a scene where her fingernail breaks off on the floor. I can't watch it. I've seen so much worse, but I can't deal with that scene, and it occurs a few times throughout the movie. It's just cringe worthy.

Jason Takes Portland said...

I have to go to back to the classics, the scene in the first Hellraiser where frank gets hooked and torn apart... Special mention must be given to "Hard Candy" for the castration scene. As a man that is the hardest scene to watch, even though it does not show anything, his reation are more than enough.

Johnny said...

Bjornabo - Totally with ya on that. Dentists are just about my least favorite thing in the world. Haven't been in many years but i'm actually going back next month. Not looking forward to it!

Warfreak - I've never seen Society but it's funny you mention it because I was just reading about it the other day. Doesn't someone stick their fist up someones ass or something?!

Zach - Like I said, fingernail scenes are ALWAYS brutal. TCM remake comes to mind.

Jason - Perfectly example of the less is more thing (even though nothing is actually really happening in that scene). Much like Audition, what you can imagine is far worse than if it were shown.

Cins said...

The whole dinner scene in Dead Alive makes me cringe. The ear in a soup and the puss and grandma..UGH!!

And all though its not a horror film, just about any moment with that fly character in Meet the Feebles makes me gag..
What the hell is wrong with Peter Jackson!?!

Also, its not really gross but it still makes me queasy was how they described the obese man dying in Se7en.

Jennie Boots said...

HAHAHA! So funny (our demon seed). The Fly was by far one of the most disgusting movies I've ever seen. The effects and artistic interpretations of BrundleFly and his evolution were just amazing. I loved this movie. When I think about what grosses me out the most about some of these movies, rarely do the blood and guts come to mind but its actually the far fetched unrealistic stretches of the imagination that really creep me out!

Carl (ILHM) said...

I want to say it was Masters of Horror: Sounds Like, if I remember correctly..

The camera pans up a guys nose, through his nasal cavity, down his throat, then focuses on his vocal cords as he screams. Just rude and disgusting, while still being entirely inventive lol..

Always been a fan of the sheep intestine barfing scene from Gates of Hell too

Johnny said...

Well then we'll just have to watch some more Cronenberg, Jen!

Gwen said...

My memory must've blocked out that scene, because I have seen The Fly! I think I should rewatch it lol

My grossest horror movie moment is in Saw 3. The trap where all the bones get twisted and break. Yikes. I haven't been able to watch that scene without turning away.

Johnny said...

Great choice Gwen, that scene was disgusting! Any scene where bones are breaking and coming out of the skin is usually pretty hard to watch.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

What about what happens to the geezer after he gets shot on stage at the end of "Videodrome" (make sure you watch the version where that scene is completely intact).

Jeff kazuya Cha said...

any scene from the movie poultrygiest got me off of anything to do with chicken for awhile haha

Guess said...

Grossest "film" (I use the term loosely) is either "two girls one cup" or the "pain olympics" but only because these are real. If I had to choose a movie I'd say Masters of Horror "imprint" because it had some stomach turning scenes and dealt with incest. Or maybe Oldboy, if that counts? Oldboy definitely has one of the nastiest twist endings. But in pure effects wise (not involving incest) I'd have to agree with you on "The Fly".