Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Evil Dead 2 - Bollywood Style!

Ever since I discovered/watched Mahakaal : The Monster yesterday, i've become totally fascinated with the world of Bollywood horror. I wondered what other horror movies Bollywood has ripped off and a quick search about the subject on YouTube led me to a little clip from a movie called Shaitani Ilaaka (aka Devil's Domain) that I just had to share. I haven't been able to track down the full movie anywhere or find much information on it so i'm not sure if the whole plot borrows from Evil Dead 2 or if it's just this one scene, but check out Bollywood's take on the Ash hand possession scene from ED 2!

Evil Dead 2 :

Shaitani Ilaaka :

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Geof said...

Bollywood makes me laugh my ass off. That was great. When I see Bollywood ripoffs, I always think of that scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back when Chris Rock says, "I think George Lucas is going to sue somebody!"