Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The First Picture of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger Is Here!


I sprung out of bed bright and early this morning, something I rarely do, because Elm Street producer Brad Fuller reported on his Twitter page that the first picture of the new Freddy would be posted to MySpace at 10am. Stupid me forgot that the times vary state by state and what was 10am over in California was 1pm here in New York! You can imagine my dissapointment. Slept off those few hours and awoke again at one and here it is, straight from MySpace, the first ever image of Freddy Krueger from the Elm Street remake, portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley!


Really can't tell much by that shot but have no fear, Fuller just Tweeted that yet another picture will be posted to IGN this afternoon! Hopefully that one will be a little more revealing, although something tells me they're gonna keep Freddy mostly in the dark until the flick hits theatres on April 16th of next year. I will update this post when the IGN picture hits the net.

In the meantime, here's a little excerpt from Bloody Disgusting's just posted Elm Street set visit preview, regarding the look of the revamped Krueger :

“I had all of the photos up, and I have such respect for his face, I really wanted to echo some of the forms,” Clement continues talking about the new look. “The thing that we did depart from was the nose. I remember hearing interviews with Kevin Yager or one of the other people who have done the makeup. They were saying they wanted to make him a male witch, which is why they went with the big nose at the time. That kind of made sense, but I just didn't really think it - you never really see Robert Englund prior to being burnt. I knew how much we were going to see Jackie, so I couldn't image making Jackie's nose big all of a sudden. Why would we do that? In the beginning I didn't really know if we were going to have to do a Robert Englund likeness make-up on Jackie. Again, this is a reboot, a fresh start if you will. While Jackie Earle Haley might not look like Robert Englund, one thing you can count on is that Freddy is still Freddy right down to the dirty black boots."

Be sure to read the full set visit preview and be on the lookout for their full full set visit report real soon.

What do you make of all this? Leave a comment and let me know!


Here's a tiny picture of a Comic Con banner promoting the Elm Street remake, courtesy of Dread Central staffer Debi Moore's Twitter. Be sure to follow her as she's been Tweeting all kinds of pictures from the Comic Con floor!


******UPDATE #2******

Here's a much better quality look at the Elm Street poster, courtesy of IGN. Not sure if this is the second Freddy picture that Fuller was referring to, but it seems like it probably is.


******UPDATE #3******

Click here for a MUCH better look at Haley's Freddy, lightened up in Photoshop, courtesy of Icons of Fright!!


Quanthor said...

Could be awesome but there is one little tidbit that concerned me when reading this...

"you never really see Robert Englund prior to being burnt. I knew how much we were going to see Jackie, so I couldn't image making Jackie's nose big all of a sudden."

This could be nothing at all, but it sounds like there is a fair amount of time of Haley being Fred Kruger the person.

Remakes have often made this mistake, they tend to give the viewer too much backstory and as a result it's not as scary.

Enigmas are scary, not knowing who or what is chasing after you is thrilling. Knowing too much could dampen the intensity.

They could pull it off but it's definitely a concern.

Remakes need to find a common balance between too much story(i.e. H1) and not enough story (i.e. Friday). It's really a simple recipe that has worked for decades but for some reason they sruggle to get it right today.

Johnny said...

Totally agree. My main problem with Halloween was the fact that there was way too much backstory. I hate when they do that. We all already know Krueger's backstory so they should just get that in and out and over with right off the bat and then focus more on burnt Freddy killing folks. Hopefully that's the route they go and I do have faith that they are gonna pull this off the right way.

Cins said...

I am too wondering if we're going to get the whole back story in the remake. I think what a lot of remakes do are spill out an enitre mythology in one film that took the original franchise many films to establish. I mean, we didn't find out the son of 100 maniacs story until 3? 4? And that makes remakes/reboots feellike a pale homage to the original as opposed to an actual film.
Having said that though, I really love Jackey Earl Haley and he's the soul reason I want to see the remake. He killed in Watchmen and he's an Oscar nominated actor. I think if anyone could come close to filling Englund's shoes, its him. And those are some damn big shoes.

Johnny said...

Cins - So true. I read the Elm St remake script that was floating around out there a while back and I really liked the flashback stuff with Freddy. Wasn't too overdone although there was this whole question in there about whether Freddy was really a child molester or if he was falsely accused and killed because of that false accusation and that's why he's coming back for revenge. Was kind of silly, although kind of interesting and different too, but from what I understand the shooting script is far different if not totally different than the one I read.

Geof said...

Thanks Johnny! I am just excited to finally see a picture of Krueger and I am glad that you don't see too much of him. I wonder if trailers and other marketing materials are going to keep things that way.

As far as the backstory, I don't mind a backstory as long as it is limited. Show us what we need (I believe I read somehwere that his backstory has been tweaked a bit from the original), but I want the main focus and majority of the time spent on the burned, claw-handed menace. Hopefully that will be the case.

Johnny said...

From what I gather, the main difference with Freddy's backstory in the remake is that it will be made clear that he was a child molester/killer, and not just a child killer like he was in the original Elm Street. In that script I read he was a gardener or janitor or something at a school but like I said, the script has been totally changed so i'm not sure if that's still the case.

OMGSeriously said...

Ohhhhhh scary. lol