Thursday, July 23, 2009

Infested Films Brings You 'The Morning After'!


My friend Brad Morelli alerted me to this 36 minute short film a while back when he was brought on to the project to design the poster art. Brad is the guy who's responsible for not only the current banner here on Freddy In Space, but for the last one as well. Well just last night he sent me over a copy of 'The Morning After' and I absolutely loved it and wanted to help spread the word on it. Unfortunately the whole short is not available to watch in its entirety on the internet at the moment but I can tell you a bit about it and show you the trailer and if you're so inclined, you can seek it out for yourself.

The basic premise is that there's a big house party going on and while most of the people in the house are drinking and having a great time, there's one dude who has locked himself in his room and is inspecting some kind of strange slimy pulsating egg pod of sorts that he has found. The morning after, thus the title of this movie, the hung over partiers discover that things have not gone so well for the pseudo scientist and then their day begins to not go so well when a couple of pseudo robbers toting guns break into the house and hold them hostage. From there, messy, slimy, and bloody Lovecraftian fun ensues.

I was incredibly impressed by how well done this short was. The acting's pretty good, the effects are top notch, and it's even incredibly well filmed, all things that are rare for most amateur efforts. Most of all, The Morning After is just plain fun. While most amateur horror filmmakers out there are trying way too hard to create some kind of important piece of work, and failing miserably, Infested Films are a bunch of guys who are clearly just having a hell of a lot of fun and want to entertain their audience, and that's exactly what they've done with this one. Big thumbs up, fellas.

Before I ramble on any longer, check out the awesomely narrated Grindhouse esque trailer for The Morning After!

Now all the website says in regards to getting your own copy is to shoot them an e-mail if you like the trailer and they'll send you over a copy once it's finished. So if you like this trailer, by all means send the Infested Films guys an e-mail at and ask for a copy! I'm not sure if you're gonna have to pay for it or if this movie will be made available to watch for free on the internet at some point, but I will keep you posted and again, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, shoot them an e-mail and let them know and i'm sure they'll make sure you get to see it. If it becomes available to watch on the internet at any point, i'll of course let you guys know. And if you do get around to seeing it, stay through the credits!

Infested Films has just finished shooting their second short film, Theodore, which stars none other than Lloyd Kaufman. Keep an eye on their website as they will be posting the trailer as well as the full short on the website in the coming weeks! Can't wait!

I don't know about you guys, but it's low budget well made stuff like this that gives me a kick in the ass and shows me that if you want to make your own films, and make them look professional, YOU CAN. In fact i've come to realize that the hardest part of making a movie is not the actual process of making the movie, it's convincing yourself that you can actually get out there and do it. That being said, i've been working on a script for my own short top secret project that I fully intend on getting out there and executing. Details to come!


Sean said...

Sean from Infested dropping in here, thanks for the kind words, I'm sure David (the director) will drop in here at some point as well.

Just wanted to let everyone know the music is being finished as we speak (the copy that is being passed around is still technically a rough cut) and once we have a final edit the short will be available for free, if not by direct download then in torrent form.

The Theodore trailer should be up soon, so keep watching for a complete relaunch culminating in the release of The Morning After and Theodore upon its completion.

Keep watching!

Johnny said...

Awesome. Thanks for the comment and definetly keep me posted. Once the flick becomes available to watch online, i'll re-post about it.

OMGSeriously said...

@ sean cool....

johnny i'll be looking out :)

Anonymous said...

Infested film guys should do ten sequels of 'The Morning After.' Maybe they oughta do a lot more air-bladder makeup FX too.

Eddie said...

Hope those guys would do few sequels soon!!!