Monday, July 20, 2009

New VHS Finds & a Few Thank You's

Hit up a few thrift stores this past weekend and made a couple interesting finds....


Phantasm 2 was found at a thrift shop inside a church, which I thought which was pretty funny. Never thought i'd be buying a horror flick from a church! For that matter I didn't think i'd ever be inside a church again, period. This VHS is actually worth something given the fact that Phantasm 2 has yet to be released on DVD. That will change on September 15th, making this tape lose its value, but it's a nice little find nonetheless. Even nicer that it only cost me 50 cents!

Toxic Avenger Part 3 : The Last Temptation of Toxie, which i've never seen, was found at another thrift shop down the road from the church for 2 bucks, still sealed in its original packaging. How a sealed copy of Toxie 3 ended up at this little thrift shop I will never know but it was too cool of a find in too oddball of a place to find it to pass up. By the way, speaking of Troma, i'm still taking care of the Tromasterpiece MySpace and handling their PR email account, but i'm sad to say my affiliation with them has kinda reached a dead end. Evan, the only dude from over there who I was in contact with and the guy who gave me all the stuff to do for them, has left Troma and is now working for Severin Films. As much of a bummer as that is for me, I certaintly wish Evan all the best.

Also wanted to mention that I picked up a pretty kickass Cabin Fever promotional sticker from Ebay the other day :


Should look nice alongside my promotional surgical mask!


Now for the thank you's....

Thanks to Zach from Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies? for the package he sent me this weekend, which included a copy of the newest issue of his zine (which can be purchased at his blog) amongst other goodies. The fact that our opinions on so many horror movies is so vastly different makes it a real pleasure to read your point of views, Zach!

Thanks to Jack from Scab's Friday The 13th & Horror Blog for sending me a copy of his Final Chapter fan edit, which contains added gore footage from the recent Deluxe Edition release. Being that Part 4 is my favorite of the franchise, I can't wait to check this cut out!

And finally, big thanks to Wild Eye Releasing, Severin Films, Massive Ego Productions, and Shock-O-Rama, who all loaded up my mailbox this weekend with screeners that I can't wait to delve into. Reviews of flicks the likes of Bloody Moon, The Sinful Dwarf, Perversion Story, Stone, The Bloody Ape, Blitzkrieg : Escape From Stalag 69, Goth Kill, Slime City : Grindhouse Collection, and The Landlord soon to come!

One last thing, while i'm already going all over the place with this post. You still have through tommorow to enter my Haunting In Connecticut mini poster contest over at Win Free Horror Shit! Get over there and enter now! Become a follower of Win Free Horror Shit to gain an additional entry!


Bjornabo said...

The Toxic Avenger VHS looks awesome... Sealed VHS movies is a rarity now a days. Might be worth something one day.

Johnny said...

It's been so many years since i've even laid eyes on a sealed VHS. I think no matter what movie it was inside the packaging, i'd probably have picked it up! The fact that it was Toxie 3 really made my day.

the posturing (and admittedly rather irritating) little popinjay said...

"pantasm 2" is easily the best of the series, its superb because of the way it combines the marvellously calming and soothing atmosphere of the old vincent price movies with the gross-out special effects of modern gore fests, for me that combination is irrisistable.

OMGSeriously said...

co-sign on the phantasm 2 purchase *is a little jealous even if it's on VHS lol*