Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slime City Grindhouse Collection Rundown & Review


Shock-O-Rama Cinema was kind enough to send me over a copy of the upcoming Slime City Grindhouse Collection DVD, out next Tuesday the 28th, and after sitting on it for a few days I decided to crack into it tonight. I had never actually seen Slime City so this was all very new to me but even not knowing much about the film, this two disc affair is pretty impressive. Before we get into the movies (there's 4 of them on this baby) or the plethora of special features, lets first take a look at the packaging for this release.

The above picture is the outer case, which slips off to reveal this cover art :


Inside are the two discs as well as a booklet, featuring the original DVD release cover art, and even a mock film festival mini poster, which shares the same art as the inside cover :


Always cool to get added treats like these to make you feel like you're getting your moneys worth.

As I said, this 2 disc set features a whopping FOUR films, all directed by Greg Lamberson. Of course there's Slime City, but there's also the feature length flicks Naked Fear and Undying Love (aka New York Vampire) and the new short Johnny Gruesome, which has never been released on DVD before. This set is Lamberson's entire filmmaking career spanned over two discs, as opposed to merely his cult hit Slime City, which makes this a must own for any fan of his work.

As for the special features, there's a bunch of those :

- Slime City Commentary
- Making Slime Mini Doc
- Slime Heads Interview
- Undying Love Commentary
- Making Love The Grindhouse Way Mini Doc
- Naked Fear Commentary
- Meeting His Maker : Johnny Gruesome Mini Doc
- Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault

Phew! Now how bout the movies themselves? First up I watched Slime City, for the first time ever. For those as uninformed as I, here's the basic plot rundown from the back cover :

When Alex and his girlfriend Lori move into a New York City apartment, they fall victim to bloodthirsty supernatural forces that transform Alex into a murdering, melting monster....a hideous slime splattered demon that cannot be stopped!

Slime City is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Like Troma's movies, it's boring when there's no blood and guts on the screen and once the blood starts flowing and the guts start getting ripped out, it gets fun. Thankfully for Slime City, it doesn't take too long before it starts getting real slimy and I had a decent enough time with it. That being said, it does still have a lot of boring 'I want to fast forward this to the good parts' moments. This is the kinda movie that goes best with a few beers and some good friends by your side, much like flicks like Toxic Avenger or Street Trash. These kinds of movies (over the top poorly done gore over story) are not exactly my favorites, in fact i'm honestly not really even a big Troma fan, but I can still get enough enjoyment out of them that they're worth the watch. If only the whole movie were as messy and gory as the finale, perhaps I would've enjoyed this a lot more though. And like I said, if I had some beers and some friends with me, it probably would've been more enjoyable too. Bottom line is, Slime City didn't do much for me.

Up next I checked out Johnny Gruesome, which is only 8 1/2 minutes long and stars everyone's favorite softcore horror porn actress, Misty Mundae. It's essentially about a rocker who is murdered and then comes back as a zombie and, quite frankly, it's worthless. I think this is the first movie i've seen Mundae in where she doesn't drop her clothes. What a waste!

And that's about where my Slime City Film Festival came to an end. I haven't gotten around to watching the other two films in the set, but here are the plots of those for anyone who's interested :

Naked Fear - When traumatized agoraphobic Camden takes in a new roomate who happens to be both claustrophobic and an orphan, he overlooks indications that Randy may not be what he seems. But then neighborhood lowlifes begin turning up dead, and Camden's girlfriend becomes convinced there is something very, very off about Randy....

Undying Love - Scott Kelly tried to take his own life. Now he finds himself seduced by a beautiful woman named Camilla who has promised him his life will NEVER end! Hunted by a NYC detective, Scott must decide whether to battle his growing thirst for blood or embrace his new unholy existence!

So is this set worth picking up? Only if you're a huge Slime City fan and want to see more films from the same director. Being that the previous release didn't have half the stuff this one has on it, it's probably a must own for those folks. Those that have never seen the movie but are huge Troma fans might want to pick it up too but if you're not a fan of those types of movies, definetly stay away. It's a nice release for those diehard fans of this cult classic, which granted it was made for, but it didn't do much for me personally. In fact the most enjoyment I got out of the whole affair was browsing the magical scenery in a very brief scene in Slime City when the main character is working in an old school video shop!


The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for the great review. Have not seen it and I am a "sometimes" Troma fan....just depends on my mood. I will be passing on this one. Thanks for saving me the money!!!


Carl (ILHM) said...

For a $0 budget splatter flick, I thought Slime City was an awesome surprise, reminds me of Street Trash and other awesome garbage!

Johnny said...

I didn't hate it, just really not my cup of tea. It was a gore flick with not all that much gore until the end. What gives!

Johnny said...

One other thing ; the gore in the movie was really poorly done. I know it's an insanely low budget movie, but it just looked awful. I love a nice good gory flick when the gore is well done but when it's amateur and looks like crap, I can't really dig it too much.

OMGSeriously said...

what does the blood look almost orange and the guts look like jell-o? lol

Johnny said...

Well actually most of the blood in the film is yellow, given slime dude bleeds yellow! The finale was pretty cool and decently done, pretty well done actually at times, but other than that ya, it was pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

Great Low budget film. I brought this shocker to CT back in the day by requesting it at my local video store. No one else had it at the time. I went to all the cool video stores to rent all the horror films of the 60's, 70's and 80's everyday!!!! I miss those days.....

Johnny said...

I miss those days too!