Monday, July 27, 2009

True Blood Episode 2.6 - 'Hard-Hearted Hannah' - Discussion


***Click HERE for a video recap of this episode and HERE for IMDb's full rundown of everything that happened this week***

Some questions are finally being answered! Our suspicions about Daphne have been confirmed and it has been proven once and for all that Maryann was the horned beast who attacked Sookie, although those horns were merely part of a bull head mask. Of course along with these answers comes many more questions, but it's nice to see some things starting to take shape.

Once again the scene of the week goes to a flashback, this time being the bloody sex between Bill and his maker. Awesome to see Bill as a bloodthirsty and evil vamp, something we had not seen before. Cool to know that he wasn't always the brooding anti vamp who just wants to be human.

Other highlights of this episode were the Jessica/Hoyt reunion (so glad it wasn't a dream sequence!) and the shellshocked Terry comforting the just as shellshocked Lafayette. Although Terry doesn't get all that much screen time, he's one of my favorite characters and always manages to entertain and make ya laugh. Cool to see a more tender side of him but it's also pretty sad to see the shape Lafayette is in. Gone is the flamboyant and outspoken Lafayette we once knew. But hey, at least he's still alive, right? Do you think he'll ever be back to his old ways again?

Anyone have any speculation on what the deal is with Eggs? By the way, thanks to my friend Stefan who I watch True Blood with (among others), I now know that 'Eggs' is this dude's nickname because his real first name is Benedict! Pretty funny and for some reason I always thought he was called Eggs because his name was Xavier or something. Don't know how that one slipped past me....

I loved the conversation between Hugo and Sookie, particularly Hugo talking about how he wants Isabel, his vampire chick, to turn him. He brings up some good points and it seems inevitable that if Bill and Sookie want to continue their relationship, he will have to turn her and will have to do so soon before she starts getting older. How do you think the show would be impacted if Sookie became a vampire? Do you think it would hurt it at all?

And yes, I think Sookie is annoying too. We all seem to echo that sentiment. It's not that I dislike Anna Paquin, beside I don't, but her voice and dialogue is just getting very irritating. It's strange to not really like the main character on the show, the one we're probably supposed to like the most. That being said, I am dying to see Jason kick some ass and come to his sisters rescue.

Not that I really thought Sam was gonna be killed off, but the video preview for the next episode (seen below) confirms the fact that he won't be. It also suggests that Andy is going to stumble into the orgy while looking for the pig and end up being the one who is sacrified. It's pretty much set in stone. Take a look at this picture that briefly flashes on the screen in the preview video :


I'd say he's as good as dead. Andy's always been a funny and entertaining character but I guess he's kinda reached the end of his road and hey, it beats Sam getting killed.

Well, that's really all I had to say about this episode. Leave a comment and lets continue the discussion!

***Click HERE for a video preview of episode 7, 'Release Me', airing next Sunday and HERE for a video preview of the whole rest of Season 2, straight out of this past weekend's Comic Con***


EyeloveMetal said...

Maryanne is clearly one evil bitch, but I still like her.. I won't miss that dirty pig andy if he truly is to go next week.. is he funny? absolutely, but he still is a really shitty cop.. I loved Terry sticking up for Lafayette, sad to see how weak he is now.. Jason's shit is still GOLD!

And next week we start at 9 whether people are on time or not! heh

Johnny said...

I like the sound of that!

Spencer said...

This episode was so good! I thought it slowed down a bit last episode but this one kept you in suspense throughout.

I knew Daphne would be the pig, just sucks for Sam. Always unlucky in love.

I hope Laf. goes back to the way he was. But, just like in real life, healing takes time. So I'm willing to wait.

And finally, Hoyt showing up at the hotel with the flowers and apologizing for them being out in the sun was one of my favorite scenes by far. I squealed a little bit when he showed up. And I'm not afraid to admit to that.

I'll be sad to see Andy go, but it's better than Sam going so I can let that go.

Ms Harker said...

A chick who puts out on a pool table was always too good to be true! I loved the flashback scene with Bill and Hannah, evil vamps doing their thing, which we have not seen enough of lately.

Sookie's is coming off as an absolute dumb arse at the moment I don't know why, maybe she's a bit cock struck?

Jason is in for a reckoning soon and not the type he is expecting and I hope that Sarah chick cops it she is such a skank!

This episode was a return to form, which is fangtastic, just shows you need to keep the faith, yes, yes!

Johnny said...

Spencer - That was definetly a touching moment between Hoyt and Jessica. Hope things don't ever end up going sour for those two, but i'm sure they will eventually.

trixareforjen said...

Sookie has completely flat lined for me as of the past...i don't know how many episodes. I can't decide if it's the acting or the repetitive phoniness of the character that just has me bored out of my mind. As far as Lafayette goes, if keeping him alive meant stripping all of the great qualities of his character away they should have let him die with some his dignity and pizazz.

Johnny said...

Hm, perhaps you're right about Lafayette. But I still have faith that he will eventually return to his old ways. Or at least get more screen time...

Spencer said...

You know they'll mess up Hoyt and Jessica somehow. Can't really have a show where the couple is always happy, they'd get boring eventually. I just wonder what would break them up?

Johnny said...

Hoyt's mom, if anything!

hannahrae said...

I am sooo sicky of the Maryann crap. I never liked Tara's character, I don't like Eggs, and throwing them all together is like watching commercials waiting for the real show to come back on. I didn't really like the flashback because they seem to be making Bill more of an ass this season and somehow making me really like Eric. I looove the Jessica/Hoyt storyline. I really disliked Jessica's character at first but she is really growing on me. And I can't even begin to describe how fucking adorable Terry and Lafayette were. But how in the heck are they holding Godric in the basement of their church??

Johnny said...

That's a good question, Hannah. But who's to say it's definetly Godric being held in the basement?