Thursday, July 2, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Episode 3 : 'Scratches' Discussion

***After a few requests to go back to the old format of making a seperate post for discussion of each episode, i've decided to heed that advice. You can still click the True Blood button on the sidebar to see all season 2 related posts/discussions.***



They just love to keep raising new questions and never seem to answer any of the old ones, dont they?! It's getting to the point where i'm not really sure what's going on with any of the characters or what their motivations are but I guess that's a good thing because it keeps ya hungry for the next episode, which is something True Blood has always been good at. Just hope they dont go the Lost route, where it becomes one big unanswered clusterfuck.

I'm assuming the demonic creature that attacked Sookie was Maryanne, or at least a disciple of hers. Anyone have any different thoughts on the matter? Whatever attacked her is definetly in control of the new bar chick that is all into Sam (thus the titular scratches), so it would make a whole lot of sense if Maryanne was behind that given the fact that she loves to fuck with Sammy boy.

Loving the Hoyt/Jessica relationship. I've always liked his character and i'm glad they didn't kill him off, as they alluded to. He's been looking for a woman since this show started and it would've been a real shame if the first one he finally found killed him! Looking forward to seeing more of them.

Speaking of relationships ; my friend Stefan (who goes under the name EyeLoveMetal here) asked if he was the only one getting a little sick of the Bill/Sookie dynamic and I definetly agreed with him on that. It's been the same back and forth drama with them since the beginning and it's starting to get a little stale. Although, I guess that's just how relationships are!

And how bout Lafayette? Is he a vampire? Anyone got any predictions on his fate? Jen thinks he's on his way out and i'm kinda agreeing with her. It just doesn't seem like he's gonna be around much longer. Maybe killing off a major character is something they're looking to do. I hope that's not the case however and I really hope we get to see vampire Lafayette in the near future. Just glad he's out of that dungeon and glad that the other characters on the show are no longer ignoring the fact that he's been missing for quite some time!

Almost forgot! How cool/weird/creepy was that dwarf doctor woman!? That's the kinda oddball shit I love to see on True Blood!

By the way, if anyone missed any episodes, this coming weekend's gonna be the time to play catch up because they're playing all three of them back to back. Episode 4 will sadly not air until July 12th.


Off topic and I don't want to turn this into a Hung discussion, but did anyone watch it? I've always liked Tom Jane so we gave it a shot and it was pretty good. Definetly gonna continue checking it out, although them taking a week off from the show already is not too good of an idea and won't do any favors in keeping anyone interested....

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Quanthor said...

I own the first 'Slime City' dvd release which is a pretty cool edition.

It's grade A, B movie fun with a climax that chock full of gruesome goodness.