Friday, August 14, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #14



Up until last Christmas, while I browsing the net for a unique gift for my brother, I had no idea you could buy a dead preserved squid in a jar. Thanks to Dapper Cadaver I not only learned that you very well can buy such a thing but my brother is also now the proud owner of a preserved squid in a jar. Where else on the web can you find this shit?! In their own words, "Dapper Cadaver is a specialty store for the finest death related props, Halloween props, haunted house decor, and oddities." And when they say it's far beyond the typical Halloween costume shop, i'd say that's the understatement of the year. Whether you're looking for props or fake blood for your own backyard horror flicks (they've supplied gore for big name shows and movies), want to spruce up your home come Halloween time, or just want to check out some sick and twisted shit (like a preserved squid/pig/turtle/human fetus replica in a jar), it's all at your disposal at Dapper Cadaver. In addition to their website they also have an actual shop in San Fernando Valley, which makes me quite jealous of all you California folks. But whether online or in person, I can promise you sick fucks out there will get hours of enjoyment out of browsing their selection of all things twisted, bizarre, and sometimes downright shocking!

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Zacery Nova said...

This website is disgusting, degrading, offensive and inhumane.

.......I love it :D.