Saturday, August 15, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #15

Tonight's blog is one that i've only just recently discovered, but it's already become a bit of an obsession of mine....



Weirdo Toys is the home for all those random toys that most people have left behind. This site is dedicated to showcasing the quirky, neat, bizarre, sometimes forgotten and downright ugly toys that I’ve stumbled upon.

Whether it’s a fleamarket, dollar store, garage sale or a toystore, they all contribute to the ever-growing population of weirdo toys.

I never really outgrew my love and fascination with toys and action figures and wouldn't ya know it, it's always been the ugly and bizarre ones that i've always been most taken by. This blog, run by a dude by the name of Justin Gammon, is the ultimate collection and resource for those, well, weirdo toys. Over the last couple days that i've been browsing the site i've already been reunited with toys from my childhood, disocvered new toys that I never knew existed (who knew bodies were made for Madballs!), and I have even finally learned a bit more about a Freddy Krueger window hanger (seen above) that I have for years remembered having as a kid (and which I now must own once more). Weirdo Toys reminds me of another site that I profiled on here, X-Entertainment, not only because it deals with relics from years past but also because you could literally spend hours browsing the vast library of awesomness the owner has compiled. It just might be my new favorite blog!


Bjornabo said...

Great link Johnny. I just love stuff like this..

Carl (ILHM) said...

Fantastic, Ive never heard of the site and it is just the sort of stuff I love sorting through at my swap meet!

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for the link. I have never seen the site. I am off to waste more time that I don't have :)


Justin Gammon said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind words, Johnny. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the Weirdo Toys blog. I always love finding fellow weirdo toy enthusiasts. Hope to see you on the site in the future.

I just discovered the Freddy in Space blog, so I'll take a look around.